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The Metaverse shouldn’t be an actual yacht club. | by Lifestyle Entrepreneur | Jun, 2022

We’re building a decentralized wireless network and are giving away ownership (ōLand) to the people on this waitlist.

NFT real estate that correlates to wireless land rights in the real world, forming the first ever Wireless Metaverse.

At the center of every ōLand is a mysterious Teleporter able to move your NFTs across chains.

Each NFT that enters the teleportation chamber has a chance to receive gifts from the divine.


Provides daily crypto rewards, a companion PFP, Overline Wireless, NFT Teleportation and more.

$0.00 !.

Overline blends a mineable multichain network with custom hardware and can be used to make any blockchain accessible without the internet.

Overline’s blockchain explorer. Monitor addresses, transactions, and real-time network activity.

Interact with the Overline Multichain using these RPC commands.

A glossary of Overline’s script words used to instruct the Overline Multichain.

Get started mining OL by setting up a GPU mining instance either locally or cloud-hosted.

Report network and application related issues using our online bug submission form.

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