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How to get Depainter WL and join spacetronauts NFT creation? | by ForartSwap

Join DC and drop your Phantom/Slope address, the ‘ Depainter ‘ WL (It’s the unique admin ticket to platform. ) will be sent in 1hr ~ ~ ~ After that, you should go to Mint Depainter NFT firstly.

Each Depainter can create 2 Spacetronauts!

First come first served!!!

  1. Go verify

2. Go #binding Channel and enter ‘ / bind ’, choose the bot and leave your wallet address here. Only Phantom/Slope are available.

3. Mint Depainter NFT while you got the WL

  1. Connect to your Phantom/Slope wallet

On the home page, click here: Depainter→CREATE

You’ll acquire a chance of minting after ‘ Approve ’ on your wallet.

Now you can create it by yourself or use ‘ Generate randomly ’.

Click ‘ mint now ’ to mint your Depainter.

The gas fee will cost you 0.0119sol.

2. Enter SPACETRONAUT pool

3. Turn to the bottom, connect to your Metamask wallet as well ( Space NFT is on Avalanche blockchain)

4. After connection, click ‘ Bind Now ’. Don’t forget to choose the Depainter in your wallet,then ‘ confirm ’.

5. The page update will take 3–5 secs, after that you’ll get 2 chances for creation.

Start creating now! Every element is required!

Click ‘ Create Now ’ when you’re done.

6. Completed! Looking forward to the launching on Kalao at the beginning of August.

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