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AETHR WIKI #4: Heroes’ Skills — Part 4 | by Red Nguyen | AETHR WORLD

Glad you read till part 4, we are almost there — the finish line of Heroes’ Skills wiki. If you’ve read all 3 previous parts of this series, we’d like to give you a big round of applause!

If you haven’t read the previous parts, click here to explore Part 1 (Basic Knowledge & Poison Skills), Part 2 (Fire Skills), and Part 3 (Lightning Skills).

And for this “semi-final” Part 4, let’s learn about the skills of the “Rocket” group.


  • Rocket Flare
  • Overclocking
  • Missile Barrage


  • Description: Fires a large rocket in a straight line and explodes when it hits an enemy.
  • Auto-aim: No
  • Piercing: No
  • Damage: Highest damage in this group because it just has one projectile, and the bullet speed is only slower than Overclocking.


  • Description: Fire bullets continuously aim at enemies in the front area.
  • Auto-aim: Yes
  • Piercing: No
  • Damage: Fastest bullet speed but deal the least damage.


  • Description: Shoot rockets of increasing size continuously aiming at the enemy.
  • Auto-aim: Yes
  • Piercing: No
  • Damage: Average damage, attack speed, and bullet speed. But its bullet is both auto-aim and piercing.

And we have learned about all 3 skills of “Fire”. The next part will be about “Plasma” skills. Hang in there champions, don’t miss out on our last Part of this series about the HEROES’ SKILLS of AETHR!

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AETHR is the First Side-Scrolling Idle RPG Shooting NFT-based game with a Free-to-Play & Play-and-Earn model that allows users to play, upgrade, trade, and ultimately battle with Aether Heroes. Players can form powerful teams with unique heroes and effective attack styles to conquer the galaxy. AETHR follows the mass-adoption and sustainable growth strategy and through its simple gameplay and unique tokenomic, both early players and new players can enjoy playing and earning together.

Initially, the game will launch on Binance Smart Chain, and will then find its way into the Cross-chain ecosystem.

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