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LUV NFT dCommerce Virtual Estate Marketplace | by LUV NFT

LUV NFT Marketplace is the first #PurposeOverProfit dCommerce marketplace for empowering creators and brands onboarding their MetaBiz to the blockchain.

LUV NFT was created by the founders of Hahz Terry ( the CNO (chief NFT officer) in blockchain and his wife, Dr. Candy Terry, the only woman in blockchain with a PhD in Metaphysics, which in turn allows her to easily explain the Metaverse to corporations and clients. This is all impressive, however, the most important aspect of this company is that LUV NFT has created a true pandemic relief solution for the world.

LUV NFT is a closed marketplace, meaning the company does all the heavy lifting by creating each NFT for it’s users. Once a user or “Tribe Member” levels up, the user’s business will then have it’s own personalized LUV NFT Marketplace to call their own.

But this is one of the biggest shockers of the century. Did you know that you have been using crypto for the last 5–10 years?!?!? Yes, you my friend have been using crypto already for years if you’ve ever used a , enrolled with an insurance company, utilized , , or Venmo, or made a purchase with any digital form of sending currency. These major corporations didn’t tell you along the way that they were all built on a blockchain. This was hidden to keep the masses from learning about all the benefits of utilizing crypto and all of all the built-in the rewards that are then now owed back to you as the user. Not to mention the fact theses companies and brands have been taxing you with exorbanate fees for using their platforms, when the cost of sending a million dollars on the blockchain is only around $0.01.

blockchain nonprofit has ushered in a new way to donate, by changing the game of how contributions are issued and accounted for. You no longer have to send money to a nonprofit in hopes of them utilizing your money for their purposes vs to the intended recipient. The world as a whole knows that the current donation system is broken and lacks transparency and accountability. BLK LUV donates it’s blockchain services to onboard creators and brands to the blockchain for free.

e-Commerce vs d-Commerce

Now, let’s break down e-Commerce on Web 2, which is essentially a false sense of owning a business. Basically you as a small business owner are merely leasing your own business.

Once you stop making payments on your lease (ie; website hosting platforms/ marketplaces like Shopify, WordPress, Etsy, etc.) this is what happens:

On Web 2 you own nothing but an LLC name of a business that no one in the world can access without you as the “owner” making monthly payments to one of these major corporations.

Let’s break down d-Commerce on Web 3, which is 100% ownership of your business with no middleman, taxes or recurring fees required to run your own business.

On Web 3 you own:

What the industry has failed to seem is that the masses don’t care about all the latest and greatest blockchain technology. The only REAL question is how does this technology benefit me today? Let’s break down how LUV NFT Estate (LNE) is helping people do this.

You can monetize your business in several ways by:

Once you tokenize your business as a LUV NFT Estate you can then:

A business is able to auction the property of their physical business as virtual real estate. The user simply submitts to LUV NFT what benefits the user can gain from winning the auction. The owner has the option to include services or productions that LUV NFT will add to be written in the smart contract connected to the auction.

Think of a smart contract as you would a physical contract, drafted by a traditional Web 2 lawyer. Your LUV NFT Estate (LNE) smart contract is a legally binding agreement in a court of law, in the event of a dispute of the service or product embedded in the contract for the owner or holder of the customized LNE.

Examples could be:

The winner can then resell your LNE in the event of no longer wanting the benefits of owning your customized LNE. But who cares, when you will earn royalties on all secondary sales of your LNE. Your LNE pays you a lifetime of royalties to the crypto wallet that was originally written in the smart contract.

Once LUV NFT creates your LNE, they send it to your crypto wallet so that you can launch your auction date and time. Once your auction ends, you get paid with no middleman fees. The platform receives only 10% royalties on your LNE for their services, so in the end everyone wins working together.

Here is an example of a dCommerce storefront All you would need to do is send your customers a link to your LNE Page and they can then buy it anytime they want without you even being involved in the transaction. It’s truly passive income and ran automatically. “LUV” is the new like, and “UNITE” is the new follow.

Once you sell your LNE you will then receive $MATIC crypto in your Polygon Crypto Wallet and the buyer will receive your LNE in their Polygon Crypto Wallet.

So how do you convert your Polygon $MATIC to USD?

Connect your crypto wallet to any crypto exchange, add your bank account, and sell your $MATIC for $USD.

For example if you have a coffee shop LUV NFT can create a customized LNE Coffee Product that your customers can exchange for a set amount of physical coffee. LUV NFT does all the heavy lifting by making that happen for you and your customers with creating a smart contract of your LNE for you.

This is convenient for your customers because they can pay you instantly with crypto with no middleman fees and you receive 100% of your profits. You also generate a new stream of crypto income and capital for your services or products.

An NFT Expert from LUV NFT will jump on a consultation call to brainstorm the best methods of launching your LNE auction, services, or products and get you started right away.

To book a free business consulting session with an NFT Expert at LUV NFT, simply click

BLK LUV (the nonprofit sector of LUV NFT) even offers business grants to aid in onboarding businesses as a free service. If you are approved for a BLK LUV NFT Grant, LUV NFT does not charge any upfront fees to create your first LNE. LUV NFT will hold your virtual hand along the way, by helping you launch and promote your LNE Auction. The next section explains another method of making money without having to sell your LNE.

Another way to earn money from your customized LNE is by staking it on and you will earn 7.20% APY.

Last time we checked, 3x more APY is more than what the average person is earning from their bank. With the rise of inflation, the US dollar is losing value day by day.

Your LNE value can fluctuate based on the Polygon $MATIC price. If you purchased an LNE at $0.45 and it increases in value to $0.97, the new value of your LNE just doubled in your crypto wallet without you lifting a finger. Your LNE works for you with our smart contract Polygon blockchain technology.

To get more info or if you have any questions, contact LUV NFT directly at or book a free consultation with them You can also see updates and learn more by following them on Twitter

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