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Rario’s recent AMA: A deep dive into its upcoming Cricket Strategy Game | by Mohsin Kamal | Rario

Rario on Thursday, held an AMA (ask me anything) session on its Twitter handle to spill out details about its upcoming Cricket Strategy Game. The nearly hour-long session saw Rario’s SVP, Business Operations Nikhil Jha giving people a deep dive into this D3 game that will be launched on August 25.

A healthy amount of cricket fans and other enthusiasts showed interest in the session and made it more exciting with their constant questions. In this blog, we take you through what was discussed in the AMA:

Why is this Cricket Strategy Game called D3?

Nikhil: We have created this player card-based game in partnership with Dream Sports, so Dream Sports’ involvement and it being a web3 game is the reason we have named it D3– there is no such backstage secret about the name.

How’s this game different from the games that are already available?

Nikhil: Right now whichever cricket-based strategy games you play, there is just one aspect: you choose a set of players and if they do well in the match, you score points accordingly. But this game is in a way evolution in cricket strategy games– there are multiple layers beyond you choosing the right set of players for a particular match.

For example, once you own player cards, you actually own those and apart from gameplay, there will be other utilities that would be unlocked. And inside the game, the tier of a card gives you additional points and the more you play, the XP increases too. You will be able to take part in various contests of leagues/tournaments that feature those players. There is the Marketplace as well where you could trade cards. So just joining contests and winning is not the only element in this game, there is much more to it, which you would discover with time.

What are the different layers of the game?

Nikhil: Though there’s another AMA scheduled with the production team of D3 where more details would be shared, I’ll give you a brief snippet of nuances. In the pack drops we are launching, there are six cards in each pack from six different participating teams of CPL (Caribbean Premier League). During the matches, you would be required to make a team of three players comprising at least one player from both teams.

Unlike other games, you won’t be able to choose players from the drop-down; there is an element of scarcity, meaning you could only play with the players you get from pack drops or the marketplace. You will need to strategize in a way that you have players from all the teams. Your knowledge will also be tested over whether you show faith in the right underdog player who goes on to do well, so you could later trade him in the marketplace.

What are the potential winnings/rewards that fans can earn from the game?

Nikhil: If you check the game’s website (, you will see that more than 1 crore worth of winnings is there to take away. This is for the whole tournament, so each match would offer around 4–5 lakh and you won’t need to pay anything extra to participate, having player cards would be enough to join different contests.

As the game goes live with the CPL, there are 33 matches and for each match, we have planned to have around four contests. The tier of a card that you own will give you entry to a particular contest; for example, there would be a level one contest that you can enter using three bronze cards. Similarly, for elite contests, you would be required to own at least one black card.

What advantages do Black and Gold Cards hold over lower-tier cards like Bronze?

Nikhil: As I mentioned there will be four levels of contests that can be unlocked using different tiers of cards. There is a certain scarcity assigned to each of these cards; for a particular player, there could only be 50 black and 500 gold cards. So, that also means proportionately the number of people joining these contests will be lesser. Accordingly, the reward pool and chances of winning are higher when you own these cards.

A new pack drop from Rario is coming, what is it about and how would it help us play the game?

Nikhil: A new pack drop is coming on 8th August and if you haven’t reserved it yet, go to and make sure you reserve it now. The special thing about this drop is that it is meant for a limited number of people who would ultimately be able to play the game and get an early-access advantage. Also, this is the first time, we are dropping the lower-price drops, which are hardly worth $25 and $9.

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