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🟨 NFT new vision. NFTs are more than memes, pixel pics… | by ZimaBank

However, 2022 is a year of NFTs dubious reputation cause humanity realized that digitalized cartoons and pieces of art can be sold for millions of US dollars due to hype with zero value.

Interaction with visitors became easier as organizers create DAO and involve more people providing them with different benefits such as sharing income.

🔶 Entertainment

Launchpads and IDOs sell tokens and shares of crypto projects for compelling prices. The offer is always limited and to participate users need to subscribe first on the sale. So the platforms provide NFT allocations. Users can purchase one of the several NFT types that allows them to purchase attached to the NFT number of tokens. This NFT is valued by some idea or rarity so in the future users can sell this NFT and profit.

🔶 Start-Ups

NFTs allow startups to create digital representations of commodities and explore new models of raising capital through a frictionless system. The structure and transparency of blockchains make it relatively easy for any entity to stay inside a regulatory framework once those frameworks are fully locked down. In fact, everything from debt management processes to the provenance of goods can be streamlined and verified using NFTs.

🟪 NFTs are becoming an integral part of reality and already have various applications that can affect you.

So let’s keep up with the times and follow the news Zima Bank publishes!

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