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Baby Bulls Migration. Migration Preview | by Baby Bulls

The migration preview will commence on August 17th, 2022

The purpose of this migration preview is for you to ensure that the Baby Bulls you currently hold on Terra are eligible to move to Polygon.
To preview your migratable NFTs, you need to withdraw them from any marketplace they might be sitting in. If your Baby Bulls are on OnePlanet, they will support the withdrawal all at once when the Preview starts.

If your NFTs are deposited in other marketplaces, you should move your NFTs to your wallets by withdrawing them yourself.

Gas fees are also kindly supported by our friends at OnePlanet.

Finally, you are ready for the preview.

Migration will conclude in the last week of September 2022

In order to migrate your Baby Bulls, you will need to have carried out the above. You will need access to the terra wallet associated with your Baby Bull NFTs. You will also need a Polygon wallet, Metamask works just fine.

To set up a Metamask wallet you can follow the guide here –

To set up a Polygon $MATIC wallet on Metamask check here –

If you prefer video tutorials this is for you –

To migrate, you will connect your Terra wallet and Polygon wallet to OnePlanet’s site & follow the on-screen instructions. If you wish to check out OnePlanet’s migration instructions you can read them here →
You should complete the migration of your Baby Bulls by Week 4 of September in order to receive the incentives below.

We at Baby Bulls are giving away 25 Baby Bull NFTs! For every NFT you migrate from Terra to Polygon, you will be issued a ticket. A draw will be conducted after the migration ends and 25 Baby Bulls will be given away to our migrating holders (there are no limits to the number of tickets you can get but a single wallet can only win once).

On top of this, our friends at OnePlanet have prepared an awesome gift for you who are new to the Polygon ecosystem. Enjoy your first trade on the all-new OnePlanet platform with this gift! You will receive 2 $MATIC per migrated NFT (sent by OnePlanet as soon as possible after you migrated your NFTs).

OnePlanet has also decided to pay for ALL transaction fees/Gas fees to support you & make your Polygon migration easier! You don’t need to worry about buying any LUNC from the exchange for the migration.


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