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Welcome to the Farmers Community! | by Farmers Community

Welcome to the Farmers Community!

Farmers Community is a unique blockchain and NFT game. Today we’re happy to introduce you to our game and having NFT property, designed to play and to collaborate in our Farmers Community world.

We’ll give you a quick sneak peek at the overall gameplay and the NFTs in this article about our game.

Default Land

This is probably the most asked question from many people

Can I play the game without owning land ?

The answer is Yes, you can !

However, you will only have 4 plots to farm with. If you want to speed up the process or have a chance among others to get more profits every month you will still have to invest in $FCT in order to mint more farming utility objects.

With $FCT you can buy (mint) new objects which are available in our shop.
Every object has a limited amount, after all tokens are gone you can only buy objects through secondary market like Rarible or OpenSea
-> Enter the Farmers Community Shop

In-game Objects / NFTS

Own your assets, this is not like the typical farming games!

Can I get in-game assets somewhere ?

The answer is Yes, you can even for free !

All NFTs from our collection can be minted with $FCT, our currency to rewards the players of our game. Play more to earn more and compete in a Monthly reward pool. All players earn currency but based on your action’s it can be more or less.

What can I do with the Assets ?

All NFT Assets are owned by you. Whenever you decide to sell the asset for 5x the default price, that is up to you. As soon as the asset is not in your wallet it will vanish from your farm too. Or you might want burn them to increase the scarcity making them worth even more. It is up to you, buy extra game content but you are able to sell it again.

The NFT Assets will provide you with utility in your farm, some will give extra storage for your harvest, or provide water for your crops or to fish on, some will decrease completion time of your crops etc.

Community Based

Play and Work together!

This game is all about the community, help other farmers on their farm to gain score-points, play minigames and the winner takes all, sell your harvest for other to buy and complete their tasks, and much more!

The game is made to work together while you wait for your own crops, increase your score-points and have fun while you can also earn a bit extra!

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