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Pluto HipHop Dept. Hip Hop in the Metaverse | by c2x3

From Pluto Hip-Hop Dept offical website

Pluto HipHop Dept. (PHHD) is an interactive music NFT developed by the Pluto Lab team combining Web3.0 technology and music. This project is sold in cooperation with the original music platform StreetVoice and the Taiwan virtual currency exchange ACE.

From Pluto Hip-Hop Dept offical website

This NFT refers to the DJ sampler, which can send out beats and special effects corresponding to the keys of the keyboard. The holder can tap the keyboard in the exclusive virtual recording studio matched with the NFT to create their own songs, and share them with people around the world through OpenSea .

Operation Diagram — from Pluto HipHop Dept. Official Youtube Channel

About empowerment, holders have the opportunity to draw limited quotas for artist merchandise and free concerts. In addition, they can also get free admission tickets for StreetVoice-related activities, priority lottery qualifications, and irregular Airdrops in the future.

from Pluto Lab official website

Pluto Lab, a music NFT team established in August 2021, loves hip-hop style, committed to the promotion of music culture in the Web3.0 and NFT world, and established a music lover community, attracting many like-minded people to join.

StreetVoice Logo from website

StreetVoice, an online original music platform that has been developed for 16 years, allows musicians to publish their works on the platform and communicate with different musicians. At present, the platform has accumulated more than 1.5 million members and as many as 200,000 original songs. It has a great influence on Taiwan’s music industry.

from StreetVoice official FB

StreetVoice also held the offline music festival “Park Park Carnival” from 7/16–7/17, inviting many bands and DJs to participate, and Pluto Lab also attended this event, the booth name “Wang Ximing Fortune Telling Booth” With the immersive experience of music fortune-telling, presented the interactive music NFT to everyone.

The visual of the solicitation activity — from the official website of StreetVoice

In order to let musicians know more about the WEB 3.0 field and explore more possibilities, StreetVoice and Pluto Lab held the “Street Poet NFT Hip Hop Music Selection” last month to encourage musicians to show their hip hop and rap Create and let fans vote for 20 winners.

The winners will receive an interactive music NFT tailored by Pluto Lab, and the top three will also receive bonuses. For musicians, it is a good opportunity to promote, win, and accumulate fan loyalty.

The event is from 7/11 to 8/31, and it’s still recruiting!

ACE Exchange LOGO from website

ACE Exchange, a virtual currency exchange in Taiwan, provides trading of New Taiwan dollars and virtual currencies, and has recently invested tens of millions of New Taiwan dollars to support Taiwan’s new NFT projects including DemiHuman and FOMO DOG.

Lil Pluto from OpenSea website

Those who want to buy PHHD can first buy ETH from the ACE exchange, then go to OpenSea to mint Lil Pluto NFT, and then go to the official website to claim Studio NFT with the number of Lil Pluto NFT.

The claim screen – from official website of Pluto Hip-Hop Dept

According to the properties of purchasing NFT, holders can operate their own Pluto Studio on the official website and OpenSea.

【Project Information】
Minting time: 7/29–7/31 (white list), 8/1 (public sale)
Minting amount: 0.06ETH (whitelist), 0.08ETH (public sale)
Total circulation: 3,333 pieces

Pluto Hip-Hop Dept Official Website
Street Voice Official Website
ACE Exchange

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