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Meet Sanika Bane — Crypto Content Specialist — Writer/Editor/Strategist | by Sanika Bane

I’m Sanika. I’m a Web3 content specialist with prior experience with crypto content writing, social media copywriting, brand and marcomms.

My primary goal is to provide exceptionally high-quality content about cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as emerging Web3 applications and technologies such as DeFi, NFT, and others. I write long-form features, how-tos, blockchain explainers, summaries of current events, price analysis, and other topics.

Here’s my professional summary:

— More than three years of professional experience as a copywriter and content manager in crypto/Web3.

— I have the ability to thoroughly understand key unique selling points (USPs) and present that information to better target, reach, and serve the audience.

— I am skilled in influencing audience perceptions and behavior through compelling storytelling.

— I possess good analytical skills and the ability to conduct market research in Web3 field to plan relevant content as required.

— I can write engaging copy for blogs (news, long-form features and explainers), FAQs, social media, and websites.

Please find below some of my work samples:

Opinion/Thought Leadership

Do you believe in NFTs? Because I do!


DeFi Flash Loans Explained

Are DeFi Flash Loans Risky?

NFT: The journey from digital collectibles to viable asset class


What is $AAVE?

What is (not) an NFT?

A non-technical introduction to DeFi

You can contact me on LinkedIn or by email if you want to hire me for your content requirements. I’m reachable at

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