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Good things are happening, let’s celebrate! | by Daniela Zschaber | Nftfy

Well, this is an article to tell you all the great things that are happening in the NFTFY community.

The important thing is to remember that you can keep all updates on your radar to participate and grow with us. It’s always good to give a boost. Isn’t it?

It’s the last week of the NFTFY Tour! Some of you may have noticed that we didn’t produce an article here on Medium last week, and well, it was for good reasons. Our team is busy taking care of all the amazing things this action involves.

The main reason was the (crazy) success of two CrowdPads. Initially, we were going to add only one CrowdPad to the week 3 of the NFTFY Tour. And the funniest part is that we were counting on this CrowdPad to last all the week, but in less than twelve hours, it reached the target value, and then we had to add one more CrowdPad to the Tour.


The first CrowdPad that reached the target value in less than twelve hours was the PFP Supply Pet. It is an NFT from PFP Supply Co., a collection and community created by Tim Balabuch and focused on social causes. The amount raised will help the NGO “Amor Para Recomeçar”, an NGO in Brazil that saves abandoned animals in extreme conditions.

I think it’s amazing how NFTFY empowers engaged communities.

The other CrowdPad was from Play4Change, a DAO that aims to empower young peripherals through web3 education. Play4Change is changing the world, and they were very present at NFT.Rio. During the event, they presented children from the periphery of Rio de Janeiro so the little artists could show up their arts that became NFTs. Play4Change is building the builders of the future!

We just have to thank all these incredible communities that use NFTFY to promote great causes.

About 70 fintech participated, and NFTFY was initially one of the 12 selected among the 70. And finally, we are one of the eight approved among the 12.

The program maintainers are big players in the world of finance, such as Mercado Bitcoin, Finansystech, and Sinqia.

It has been an incredible experience that makes us build something that can truly change the course of finances. NFTFY is ready not only to be a great reference in the market but to build technologies that turn other ideas into great references as well.

You can watch the Pitch Day on Fenasbac’s youtube channel (the video is in Portuguese).

Hey, did I hear something about jobs?

That’s right! NFTFY has job vacancies and is waiting for you, devs, product owners, product designers, and more. It’s worth checking out our Jobs tab on LinkedIn and reinforcing the “web3 parts” of your resume. What do you think?

NFTFY is an amazing place to work and is remote forever… which means you’ll be able to work in your pajamas with your pet by your side!

And we are unstoppable (now you understand why I delayed the article a week, don’t you?)

The fourth week of the NFTFY Tour is now available! And the fourth week is all about collective achievements, so there’s nothing better than RockPool! The RockPool available to complete task 4 is an Otherdeed (how fancy), and you can own fractions of that NFT for whatever amount you’re willing to pay. That is, your ownership varies according to the amount you paid. By joining (I repeat, with any amount), you will earn the NFT related to week 4.

It will be very interesting! Mainly because all users who participate will collectively own an Otherdeed NFT together. This RockPool is evolving fast. Why don’t you check it out?

Well, NFTFYiers (a community manager invented this expression, and I loved it), that’s all for today!

There’s a lot of news, but I promise you can follow along and be with us, whether winning NFTs through the NFTFY Tour, engaging in the community, or even — who knows — being part of the team!

See you around next week? Let’s clap!

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