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NFTX Round-up #36 | NFTX

Learn more about the upcoming developments on 0x integration, tokenlist updates, new eligibility modules and more.

Welcome back to the fortnightly update on NFTX product, protocol, and everything in between.

Twade finished the testing on the new merkle eligibility module on Goerli and has deployed the contracts onto mainnet. With the launch of the new module, FloorDAO created the first vault utilising the feature with the 10K ENS Club.

Any vaults that are using the module will have the merkle tree icon next to it on the app.

In addition to this new module being added, Twade has been working with another NFT collection on another onchain eligibility module. Without naming names, this new vault is going to be Hyped AF!

The Graph Indexer was upgraded this week and is running on version 0.27.0 which allows the source of blockchain transactions to be indexed in subgraphs. This means that NFTX can display the origin of each transaction.

As a result, additional development has begun on the NFTX V2 subgraph to include the source or the transactions on NFTX, this will allow the front end to show if the transactions took place on the NFTX Marketplace vs Gem vs Genie or any future integrator.

The core team is in the final stages of testing the new 0x integration and is looking to launch this update live in the next two weeks.

0x allows the aggregation of liquidity across a variety of different providers, meaning you get the best price on NFTX regardless of where the liquidity sits.

Current NFTX only supports liquidity on Sushi, but the rollout of the 0x integration will mean that you can also provide concentrated liquidity on UniSwap V3 and earn the AMM fees whenever your liquidity is aggregated (when you are in range).

The DAO will be moving the PUNK/WETH liquidity over to UniSwap and define a suitable liquidity range which should see the price spread tighten up. We’ve already tested this on the MoonCats vault with limited additional liquidity and see a 0.0158ETH difference in price per item.

The NFTX pools along with the Inventory and Liquidity yield earnings are now showing up on Defi Llama. The liquidity returns are the pools with Token-WETH, whereas the inventory pools are just the Token name.

Are there other Defi or Metafi tools that you use and would like to see NFTX included? Reach out to us on the Discord, Twitter, or and let us know.

The NFTX Token list was overhauled and resubmitted to Sushiswap, Uniswap, and Now, whether you’re looking to swap your token yield for ETH, or if you’re DCA your way into owning a bluechip NFT, the vault token will appear as part of the standard approved lists.

If you don’t see your token listed on your favourite AMM then check and let us know it needs to be added.

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