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9 must-have NFT tools to help you track and discover the best NFTs to invest in | by Orbis86 | Coinmonks

With the NFT industry growing rapidly and exponentially, countless NFT transactions take place every day involving recent and past collections. But deciding which NFTs are worth purchasing may be a challenge if you are new to NFT investing. While certain NFTs in the same collection can fetch millions of dollars, it might also include others that are only worth a few cents. By taking into account how scarce they are, you may determine which NFTs are most valuable. There is a considerable likelihood that an NFT will cost a lot if it is thought to be extremely rare. The scarcity of an NFT frequently drives up its price.

Hence, to help make your NFT investment journey easier, we bring you the 9 best available tools to track NFT Rarity, along with information on their features and costs.

DappRadar is designed to help users track sales information from different NFT collections. A portfolio tracker that allows users to live track their Ethereum wallets was also released a few years ago. You only need to provide the ENS name or the wallet address to get the wallet’s NFT balance and total net worth. Filtering an NFT collection by sales, volume, or traders enhances DappRadar’s potent portfolio tracking and live monitoring capabilities. This enables you to monitor any sales that happen as well as trending NFTs. Additionally, DappRadar is completely free to use. offers a range of helpful tracking tools and crucial details about precious NFT assets. You may access data on a particular NFT’s volume and pricing by tracking it. Each NFT collection also includes information on forthcoming drops, the value of the asset, and the minting price. In addition to letting you manage your cryptocurrency as well as your NFTs on a single platform, also offers a number of free tracking tools. You may filter the website by sales, floor price, volume, total assets, and collection value to identify the best NFT collections to follow and invest in. The website is user-friendly and simple to grasp., also displays upcoming NFT collections, enabling you to organize your portfolio for potential investments.

Well-known for its NFT tracking features, the Rarity Tools program allows sorting for NFT volume, collections, and average price. The website has a separate page for each NFT collection, along with further details on another page. Each NFT also has a rarity rating. The fact that Rarity Tools’ functions may all be used without cost is its finest feature. The program offers an intuitive user interface that displays each NFT’s rarity score. Users may directly use the tool via the website, and its only possible downside might be the its somewhat limited analytical capabilities.

Nansen was developed in 2013 with the goal of using it as an NFT wallet analysis tool. Users may view a scoreboard of the most popular and profitable NFT wallets, and the outcomes will be based on the amount of funds the wallet has accumulated over time. Investment tracking may also be done with Nansen. The tracking tools offer detailed insights on ERC-20 tokens such as minting cost and NFT shop fees. Nansen is also among the very first NFT tracking systems ever created. The application offers a real-time analysis of project owners in addition to the possibility of detailed examination into specific NFTs.

An effective tracking tool that places a strong emphasis on trending collections is After linking your wallet to it, you may examine the trending NFTs from the last 15 to 30 minutes. While tracking NFTs, data on the sales, floor price, average price, and volume is also provided. The application is fairly user-friendly and it includes wallet monitoring, along with categorization of NFT projects based on characteristics and rarity. Numerous tracking and analytic tools are accessible through it, all of which are always being improved and expanded. With the premium edition of the software, which costs just $75, one can view detailed information on each and every NFT collection, such as historical data and pricing charts.

One of the best NFT tracking tools available today is Rarity Sniffer. The free version only monitors the newest collections, and one must pay 1.5 ETH to join the tool’s Discord channel in order to obtain analysis on ongoing NFT projects along with learning about their rarity. Rarity Sniffer features a very user-friendly design, and enables tracking capabilities for all current collections.

An NFT monitoring tool that offers detailed market research and analysis of NFTs, CryptoSlam provides information on NFTs that were minted or sold recently on each NFT collection’s individual page. With CryptoSlam, one can access a range of NFT statistics, including sales, floor price, total number of owners, and transaction volume.

NFT Stats is an easy-to-use NFT tracker that offers a wide range of NFT statistics settings. There is a limited amount of information on individual collections that you may peruse. Filtering by sales volume or rarity rankings can help you focus specifically on certain trending collections ranked by NFT Stats. The top collections sold may be viewed by filtering for the last 30 days, the previous week, or the previous 24 hours, to obtain detailed statistics on each NFT mentioned. Additionally, NFT Stats is also completely free-to-use.

NFT Drops Calendar is designed to assist users in locating NFTs as soon as they drop and are made available to the NFT market. Using this tool will ensure that you can purchase an NFT before the price rises too much. You may also use a variety of search parameters and filters to hunt for certain collections. There are search options accessible, including price, minting dates, and volume. The tool has a robust sorting mechanism with a wide range of features along with alerts for upcoming NFT sales, events, and freebies. You may advertise your own NFTs for sale on the NFT Drops Calendar and keep track of upcoming drops and giveaways as well.

These tools should help you become well versed with NFT Rarity, its value, and how to quantify it, so that you may use the knowledge to your advantage. While there are also a host of other ways to estimate the value of NFTs, it also comes down to personal preference in many occasions. Hence, the best practice, as always, is to conduct your own research thoroughly, using different tools and analytic solutions to determine the best new addition to your portfolio!

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