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Launch of the ZooDAO Public Testnet | by ZooDAO

The ZooDAO team is incredibly excited to announce the launch of our public testnet. For most, this is the first opportunity to see the (near) final version of ZooDAO’s dApp and test its functionality.

The ZooDAO team extends our gratitude to our incredible community, supporters, partners, NFT communities, advisors, mentors, and peers in the NFT and DeFi space who have enabled us to bring such an incredible project to fruition.

Testnet link:

Information to note:

  • The ZooDAO testnet runs on the Göerli Test Network. Please enable Göerli in the settings of your chosen wallet to connect to the dApp
  • A faucet is available to distribute ETH, USD and ZOO for testing. USD and ZOO may only be distributed once per wallet.
  • Some functionality we expect to release in the final dApp is not yet available for testing.

Expectations for the Testnet

We encourage the ZooDAO Community will provide feedback on the use of the dApp, related to the user experience, interface, dynamics and any other topic to enable us to bring an even better product to users at launch.

Users are encouraged to use the two tutorials below in parallel to exploring the dApp and its functionality.

As always, the team is happy to answer questions on Discord as you test the dApp.

If the tutorials are not showing up clearly in your browser, click “View on Tango” in the bottom left corner of the screen.

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