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Hypersign Strikes a Partnership with Bandit Network, Focus on Web3 Security and Campaign Management | by Hypersign | Hypersign

TL;DR The partnership between Bandit Network and Hypersign will have Bandit using Fyre for access control and whitelisting in their campaigns. Both projects will collaborate to research and develop decentralized identifiers (DID) and verifiable credentials (VC) based privacy and security features for NFT holders.

We are happy to announce yet another partnership, this time with Bandit Network. As a part of this partnership, Hypersign will be playing a key role in securing the innovative Bandit INO Launchpad. Meanwhile, the Bandit team will be leveraging our flagship web3 social interaction and community management solution Fyre to run campaigns.

Bandit Network is a one of its kind NFT Mint Aggregator platform that enables the creator community to launch their NFT collections through Initial NFT Offering (INO). Bandit INO Launchpad differentiates itself from other NFT platforms by taking a completely decentralized approach on the web3 ecosystem. Any creator can list their NFT project on Bandit INO platform upon approval of their application by a team of experts.

The decentralized Bandit INO Launchpad reimagines NFT listings with proof-of-attention based investing mechanisms. It currently supports NFT minting on three blockchains, viz., Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Solana, with more to be added soon. By using Bandit NFT Launchpad, creators can secure the much-needed discoverability and community reach, helping them raise capital and popularize their respective projects. As Bandit Network sets out to support NFT creators by providing them a transparent, decentralized platform to showcase their projects, their mission has received the backing of WazirX founders Nischal Shetty and Siddharth Menon, two prominent names in the Indian crypto ecosystem.

The revolutionary Bandit Network gets the support of another revolutionary project in the form of Hypersign, a chain-agnostic decentralized identity infrastructure network. Hypersign will be helping Bandit Network bot-proof its INO/IDO launchpad campaigns and protect the participants’ privacy by tasking the powerful access and whitelisting capabilities of Fyre. Bandit Network will receive a Fyre-powered white-label SDK for ready deployment.

Apart from supplying Bandit and its community with necessary web3 tools to enable streamlined operations, the Hypersign team will be working closely with their Bandit counterparts to research and develop customized decentralized identity solutions that can use Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and Verifiable Credentials to further improve NFT holders’ privacy and security.

Bandit Network is currently in the process of organising the Bandit Genesis NFT drop while the Hypersign team continues to work on their upcoming incentivized testnet program, set for launch soon.

Sandesh B Suvarna, Founder Bandit Network said “The Web has evolved over three decades, from static text and images on Web1 to centralised platform on Web2. Web3 envisions value and data seamlessly moving across decentralized platforms with distributed ownership and control. The vision of this new web must still overcome a few hurdles and we all are building a better version of the internet. Bandit Network’s collaboration with Hypersign will contribute to our common goal of improving Web3.”

Bandit is an initiative to create the world’s largest genuinely decentralized INO platform where builders can create a truly decentralized ecosystem while gaining ready access to the community and community funding.

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Hypersign Is a Decentralized Network purpose-built for Self-Sovereign Identity use cases and related applications. Its objective is to facilitate SSI adoption in the real world and help people take back control of their personal data.

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