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Yenft is a good choice for those who wants to create an NFT collection. You can create art, generate your collection, sell it and create a community. Yenft provides several advanced tools to help you save time and nerves while developing and promoting NFTs. Here are the tools you can get with Yenft: Graphic Editor, Generation Tool, Smart Contract Deployer, Mint page builder, and Marketing Tools.

Now let’s have an in-depth look at Graphic Editor, Generation Tool, Smart Contract Deployer, and Mint page builder.

Sketches, art projects, and illustrations can now be created using a design-focused tool — Graphic Editor. Professionals, art enthusiasts, artists, and anyone can create NFT art with various vibrant colors, graphics, and advanced features with Yenft Graphic Editor. It is the first built-in Graphic Editor made specifically for NFT creation. Here are its features:

Components system. The artboard has a “Main Component” and “Instances.” When you change the “Main Component,” the changes are distributed to all its “Instances. A collection of arts will be generated based on the number of major and sub-components, which can later be minted into NFT.

Pen tool. Allows you to customize your art style and produce impressive artwork.

Brush tools. You can create and fine-tune strokes to achieve a precise freehand look.

Curvature tool. Simplify drawing paths with precision. The tool draws the same curved and straight paths as the Pen tool but without direction markers.

Form tools. You can create versatile vector shapes with the Rectangle, Line, Ellipse, Polygon, and Star tools.

Shapebuilder tool. With this tool, you can manage and combine geometric shapes with precision.

Clipping mask. The tool uses a shape called a clipping path that covers objects such as images and drawings. When you create a clipping mask, you can only see the bottom object in the clipping path area.

Colors tool. You can work with different color modes, such as HEX, RGB, and HSB. Apply a color palette with Fill, modify the visual weight with Stroke, or experiment with Opacity to create your best artwork.

Gradient tool. The tool enables design with free-form color gradients for realistic color blending.

Google fonts library. You will have access to a Google fonts library — ranging from fun to professional.

Scale tool. Scale elements to any size. Adjust your art to the perfect size for your project.

Rulers and Grids. You can get the exact dimensions you want with rulers and grids.

2D to 3D style transfer (Future phase). Turn your 2D art into 3D with one click. Let the algorithms work for you.

With Yenft, you no longer need to manually export thousands of images because the Generation Tool will do it for you. The Generation Tool can produce up to 100,000 NFTs in seconds.

Rarity. The system will automatically determine the rarity of your NFTs based on the number of components, or you can manually set the rarity for any trait.

Rules. Try different combinations of the layers of your artwork and choose the matching traits.

Price setting. Give a price to your artwork right away.

Bulk adding titles and descriptions. The system will help you to choose and add titles and descriptions to your artworks within the same collection.

Despite helping you to design and generate an NFT, Yenft allows you to develop a smart contract. With Smart Contract Deployer, you can easily mint your NFTs without writing a single line of code. Let’s learn more about its features:

Release Date. You can set a release date for your NFT inside the platform.

Minting Rules. Control wallet and transaction limits to fulfill the requirements of your NFT drop; and, based on your allowlist, regulate who can mint.

NFT gifts. The tool helps to easily specify your friends’ or teammates’ wallets and give them NFTs.

Free Minting. Start your free-to-mint NFT collection, and the only thing you will need to do is to pay for gas.

Phase-based sales. Reward early followers with a pre-sale, then move smoothly to your general sale.

Royalties. You can divide your main sale income by selecting multiple wallet addresses and deciding who earns how much.

Last but not least, Yenft provides a Mint page builder, allowing creators to build a website where users can mint NFTs. It offers the following features:

Templates. You can choose a website template from our library and start customizing it. Change colors and fonts, as well as upload logos, images, and videos.

Responsive. All templates are fully responsive and support most devices.

Custom Domain. You can set up your custom domain or use Yenft’s subdomain.

Social Links. Connect Twitter, Discord, Medium, Opensea, and

Preview mode. You can preview your website before publishing.

SEO. Set up robots.txt, and sitemap, add Google site verification and Global canonical tag URL, create the meta title, description, alt texts, and edit Open Graph.

SSL Certificate. Enable SSL certificate for increased security or add the custom certificate.

Yenft wants to make Web3 easier to use and eliminate the complexity, cost, and time required to create an NFT. All the mentioned tools will allow users to make NFTs faster, cheaper, and easier. With these tools, people can unleash their creativity and overcome the barriers of complex technologies. Yenft’s tools are the best option for artists and overall Web3 enthusiasts, but it is also a good choice for beginners, as it has one of the most intuitive and easy interfaces.

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