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NFT investors are usually troubled by massive information sources. Under this trouble, NFT investors have derived a new goal: tracking “NFT whales”. Due to the openness and transparent features of blockchain data which spawned a new social transaction: whale watching. Recent data reports indicate that less than 20% of wallet addresses control more than 80% of NFTs on Ethereum. The NFT whales operate under asymmetric information, usually have more intelligence and continue to outperform the market, so the trends of the NFT whales will indicate the trends of the market.

In the blockchain field, all NFT investors can use the ability to track and replicate “NFT whales”. Compared with the traditional financial industry, because the information is not public, it is not feasible for investors to copy the investment strategies of KOL on social media to improve the returns of their own investment portfolios. However, due to its openness and transparency, the way of tracking and copying “NFT whales” is safe and reliable. How to quickly and effectively acquire NFT whales and shorten the time is still the goal of NFT investors.

1. What is a NFT whale?

A “whale” is a term used by both traditional and crypto investors to describe large players with deep pockets. “Whales” can directly affect the market and may cause sharp price fluctuations. NFT “whales” are collectors who own a large number of crypto-related assets (NFTs).

On-chain data is a very useful resource, and NFT investors can copy the transactions of the “whale” after finding the “whale”. Because on-chain data is real-time, by tracking the activity of “whales”, investors can mint or buy NFTs before prices rise.

2. How to track NFT whales with Tokenview NFT API

1. Introduction to Tokenview NFT API

Tokenview NFT API ( is a high-performance, multi-chain API for accessing and obtaining blockchain NFT data. Tokenview conducts structured processing of data, and can access NFT data across chains without relying on native APIs, including on-chain transaction data, NFT Metadata, NFT market data, NFT ranking statistics, etc.

Use your email to register your account in the Tokenview API management system ( After successful registration, you can get an NFT APIKEY.

2. Use NFT API to discover “NFT whales”

The reason why NFT whales are called NFT whales is because they have a large number of NFT assets with high value, and currently the most valuable and well-known NFT collections in the market are: CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Art Blocks, Moonbirds, etc. By querying the “holders” of these NFT collections, NFT whales can be discovered and acquired.

Get all 「holders」 of the NFT Collection{public_chain_abbreviation_lowercase}/blockdata/statistics/holders/{collection_address}/{page}/{page_size}?apikey={apikey}


Public chain abbreviation lowercase: eth

NFT collection address: 0xbc4ca0eda7647a8ab7c2061c2e118a18a936f13d (BAYC contract address)

Page: 1

Number of page transactions: 20


API callback data display: The address with the most BAYC holders is 0xdbfd76af2157dc15ee4e57f3f942bb45ba84af24, and this address has a total of 252 BAYC NFTs.

3. Use the NFT API to obtain the number of NFT Whale

According to the previous steps, we obtained the address of the BAYC NFT whales. Taking the first-ranked NFT whale as an example, we can use the Tokenview NFT API to obtain all the NFTs of the NFT whale address and the number of each NFT.

Get the NFT owned by the wallet address{public_chain_abbreviation_lowercase}/blockdata/assets/inventory/{wallet_address}/{type}?apikey={apikey}


Public chain abbreviation lowercase: eth

Wallet address: 0xdbfd76af2157dc15ee4e57f3f942bb45ba84af24

NFT type (all/721/1155): all


The API callback information displays all NFTs held by the address, including the NFT contract address, NFT type, and NFT name. You can also obtain the number of NFTs held by the wallet address and the specified contract address.

Get the number of NFTs owned by the wallet address{public_chain_abbreviation_lowercase}/blockdata/assets/balance/{wallet_address}/{collection_address}?apikey={apikey}


Public chain abbreviation lowercase: eth

Wallet address: 0xdbfd76af2157dc15ee4e57f3f942bb45ba84af24

NFT contract address: 0x5d8fe70c8fca24866afad9e6da6ab5c2c4cbf600 (Track Dark Country)


The API callback information shows that there is a total of 1 Track Dark Country NFT held by the wallet address. Using this interface link, the number of NFTs held by the wallet address can be obtained by analogy.

4. Use the NFT API to Copy NFT Whale Transaction

According to the above steps, NFT investors can locate and track the NFT whales, and analyze the NFTs held by the whales. The NFT API can also obtain information on the last 1,000 NFT transactions of the NFT whale, and investors can quickly copy the whale’s transactions.

Get the latest 1000 NFT transactions from wallet address{public_chain_abbreviation_lowercase}/blockdata/assets/tokentrans/all/{wallet_address}/{type}/{page}/{page_size}?apikey={apikey}


Public chain abbreviation lowercase: eth

Wallet address: 0xdbfd76af2157dc15ee4e57f3f942bb45ba84af24

NFT Type (all/721/1155): all

Page: 1

Transactions per page: 20


The API callback information shows the latest NFT transaction list of this giant whale address. The most recent transaction of this address is “Buy 1 BAYC NFT with NFTID 8914”.

3. Conclusion

The NFT continues to grow and develop rapidly. Tokenview NFT API is the perfect tool to locate NFT whales and track their transactions in real time. By observing the operations of NFT whales, investors can not only identify the trend of NFT market projects, but also create NFT applications through API, occupying a place in the initial market of web3.

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