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Talkado set for Fair launch. Talkado Coin, a meme coin focused on… | by Talkado Protocol

Talkado Coin, a meme coin focused on the fight against climate change and global humanitarian crises, is set for a massive event. Talkado has concluded plan for a fair launch on

This move is aimed at getting new investors and raising funds for marketing and project development. Talkado already has in place multiple projects that are set to position the coin among the top Altcoin in the crypto market.

The Talkado NFT Multivendor marketplace is already Live on Testnet and the Talkado Staking platform is also Live, while the Legend of Talkado Novel is completed and currently undergoing review.

These fantastic products require funds for marketing and future development, hence the Fair launch on Pinksale.

The relaunch of Talkado coin means we are creating a new Smart Contract and ensuring the total quantity of Talkado coin in circulation is cut from 30 quadrillion to 200 million.

Talkado relaunch will see Holders of the Talkado coin already in centralized exchanges, having the unique benefit of swapping their old coin for the new coin. They don’t need to do any operation, as the new Talkado coin will be added to their individual wallet automatically.

For Talkado Coin users who are not in centralized exchanges, Talkado will be building a swap functionality, that would enable them to swap their old coin for the new one seamlessly.

More features will be announced soon, as we move to the next level on our timeline of events and implement our commitment to creating a safe environment globally.

Do visit our official website which has now been updated. And whitepaper has also been updated. All ready for the Sale.

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