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What can i do with NFT Airdrops as a Marketer ? | by El Ouarzazi Othmane

A NFT Airdrop is a free distribution of tokens sent directly to a list of wallets using a smart contract. In general, the recipients are offered these NFTs free of charge or in exchange for a set of promotional actions like sharing a post on Twitter, following a page, joining a discord or engaging with the project.

In the early days, a NFT airdrop was performed by a smart contract developer or the dev team of a NFT project. Luckily, nowadays airdrops are easy to create using no code NFT airdrop tools like giving the opportunity to marketers and managers to include NFT airdrops in their marketing effort.

With the rise of brands and companies’ interest in web3, NFT airdrop campaigns have become an alternative to traditional web marketing strategies due to the high conversion and engagement shifting from a client based marketing to community based marketing.

To begin with, your NFT airdrop should be appealing. It is advised to use the help of a designer to create a beautiful NFT art worth being a collectible. Also, your NFT airdrop should be limited in time and quantity to create a sense of urgency and FOMO.

Furthermore, a NFT airdrop is all about utility. You can airdrop tokens to serve as:

NFT keys: Unlocking access to a token gated space to claim prizes

NFT tickets : Send invitations to attend a special event or venue

NFT voucher: Apply a discount while purchasing an upcoming item from your store.

NFT card : Give voting power for your holders to participate in decision making.

Exclusive NFTs: Give your most loyal customers exclusive access to a new product before anyone else.

It is important to mention at this stage that the best NFT airdrops are about creativity, appeal to the community and providing value to all the holders.

To summarize, marketers and managers can leverage NFT airdrops to better connect with their audiences and engage with their customers in a more targeted, tailored and efficient manner. The ideas listed in this article are not exhaustive. They are few of many examples on how NFT airdrops can be beneficial as a marketing strategy.

If you’re interested in learning how to airdrop NFTs without coding knowledge you can watch this tutorial or visit

I invite you also to connect with me on Linkedin if your are a NFT enthusiast interested in discussing NFT airdrop use cases or if you need a tailored NFT airdrop campaign for your brand or company.

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