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A journey to try see what I could learn and turn into my ability I dove deep into the NFT community. | by MGBM Artworks

A journey to try see what I could learn and turn into my ability I dove deep into the NFT community. This is a mixed bag of many I would tag their name as in the game. My aim was everything when I started to begin again on a new market after targeting and marketing on Airnft and not selling anything. A move to improve chances kept me moving through the dances.

I’ve had the pleasure during my times of leasure to meet and speak to many artists each week.

My off loading what’s in my mind to really fully unwind helps me sleep and also get some of the attention on my invention I seek.

Floetry or poetry is not a new concept nor is writing positive vibes to take extra strides. Yet I feel to document how I feel there is a real thrill and the best deal about if you learn to work each rout.

Some have been a knock out as they rock about to sell all there stock out.

If Anyone is looking to sell there stack I know where they should be booking to always come and chat. Tip your hat or tip for more than just that. Many have utility to bring about selling more NFT as an ability in any community.

Many sleep when so many artist’s retweek and help each other like a sister and brother with even a unique retweet. Some using what they got to be adding some heat into the pot.

I often would beat the drum as it was to help many more that did want to come. To me all I see is the fun that can be if you explore web3 and so much more to score and from the shop floor.

To me as it is done, that everyone with what is spun, can overtime grow with the right plan into their own rare line to be sublime, seeing collectors chime to buy two at a time. Then nine and that was at one stage just for my rhyme of page from the latest in the digital age.

I had to move my groove as it continued to soothe myself and oddly drastically improve many aspects of my terrible mental health.

I’ve seen more of the right and more sell in one night for the strength of the community building the length to yield a score. The unity builds more the longer you go to each door each week can become stronger.

Each showing you really can get your art going and more to see it is glowing from just the first showing. Many hearts just make their starts in investing in the next best thing to never be resting.

Part 4 on Opensea the score of NFT has the beginning of my long journey

This abstract monster is on opensea as Part 4 of my collections the Rhymes of the Times. I have sold many of my lines since the first one of one I started with these styles of reads I chimes.

Each page I write as the rage of the digital age or the positivity I want to see in everybody and not just me.

Artist with plenty of ability and some gifts that I see have the humility to wash over some one like me. To see their generosity and heart goes beyond their art is what I came to try find from the start to bind to the most kind. Some will be blind but many will see the grind.

I do my own road map to work out who and when you would want to stack. Always looking back to see how much history they already have in NFT is one key aspect as too many try sell to a newbie have respect that’s not me.

Many dream, but really most should see a theme, if you want to sell you need to be seen.

Those that shout louder and sound prouder create a little more of a crowder to quite often deliver a wowser. I’ve seen many a bowser fill their tank and thank the community for helping them through bringing what they had beginning with such diversity it’s like visiting a university.

A few people do comment on what I write but many have gone on to really like when I recycle like on a bike to bring it all to the mic.

I just let go and never know what way I’ll go but I never did and already have many that bid. I believe in my mindset I grow from a crazy baby that made me into a kid that slid into a good spot.

We often rewind to remind ourself this was all about being for the good of my health. I painted muscle growing whilst that was what I wanted to once again start showing. I was slowing down and struggling to move across the ground. To glide again to more help than any friend I needed and seeded myself with every blend to never end.

I hope to rise and grind with much more to explore and bind to become one that is a treasured find.

My initial aim seeked insane to sell to all the smartest and most cool of artists that are a huge part of this. The bliss I didn’t seem to miss my target as I’ve travelled across each market. Many I won’t get time to chime the right line but fine art does not hesitate to start to find in the grind the right mind and heart.

I will for much more of a thrill deliver more than a sliver in my art of what’s about to start the movement for improvement.

As everything I meant in the groove I run my cement as foundations around my creations goes beyond the radio stations and borders controlled by nations.

Into the future digital age many more a page will share where those that care for the rare dare to make many more aware.

Discords to be scored of the board not to be ignored. Many I roared and was floored by their success has seemed among some of the best.

Time is on our side as we all build a yield that soon can forever ride if done clever and never give in with the extra fielding and building as it brings many more to score the floor. Open the door and make it have a draw no one could ignore.

Many chapters come with my raptures as we sink deeper into the ether we become with one with the thrum. The journey that is key has only just begun…..

Listen for the drum..

Here it for the one to come.

More will be spun like this one and done with my mad style that makes me smile after I year of try it all this is what I love to scrawl.

From wall to wall and every hall look out for the mad man call.

The plan to keep on flowing until its refined and all the Kings and Queens have dined off what I’ve chimed.

Many ways and many plays just work on them during the days of fun as more work will come and need to be done.

My advice it’s easier to buy an watch time go by than to work yourself till you die. I love what I do and so does most the crew.

Many always makes the extra plays and it pays. Missing what it is I says is just you aren’t in the unity of the community.

So much history I will make sure you get to see as its key to the art you’ll eventually see from me.

The story got glory so I chose to really explore me and put it all out through making NFT. Worked so well I really do aim to tell the full story of what I’ve already managed to see and achieve just from planting a seed just believe.

We actively seek you to take a quick peek. MGBMARTWORKS has the starts to all my arts from different hearts you will see different parts.

Currently only on Airnft, Opensea and Voice which have in each way all been a good choice.

The future is uncertain but I know I will blurt on until everything is more strong. I carry my song in my heart my mind I lost on the grind and do go seek to now once again find. I know with many a help from a friend it will be the best blend. I send many around the bend with my sound but found of nearly all it makes me the most memorable to sum others don’t listen when they share their colours and others. Too much is about brothers in arms this should do no harms as the women who unite are way more bright. They never fight just hang with those that they feel right. I see them all and think they are among some of the most cool many have kids that are at school. Lawyers, actors and many more come to the hall and follow those they want to know.

I have in tow plenty in the flow and will grow toe to toe now I know how to get more to score for sure. Top draw soon just for my tune.

MGBM artworks and all my quirks.

Edit: we add a link just to let those have a look that think how long has this kept floating when only it started off with a little bit of noting. Seek where I started show boating.

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