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First-Ever NFT-Metaverse Dedicated TV Network Launching | by NFT Blue

Momentum Channel: Will leverage over 500 million subscribers in the global digital TV networks through partnerships with Samsung TV, Apple TV, Vizio TV, and Roku in over 100 countries. The Momentum team aims to create mass adoption for NFTs, Metaverse, and the Video Game industry, through access hyperlinked into interactive TV programs while users browse TV programs and related content.

Momentum was selected for the launch by the USA and European Digital TV Conglomerate, and launching broadcast content is not new for the team; Momentum’s team has produced premium programming for Bloomberg TV (20202), Fox Business (2020), Fox Sports, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and broadcasters in over 60 countries. And it’s not new to the video game, content, metaverse, and NFT adoption equation, having pioneered some of the earliest projects and partnerships with the “OG’s” in the web 3.0 industry. Momentum invested in and launched the NFT Advisory group NFT Blue and is contracted as project manager of the Space X launched “Lunaprise” Moon-Based NFT Art Museum and Mission in 2023.


VIDEO GAME SECTORS; Past and Current World Class Video Game Clients include $35 billion dollars valued gaming leaders AMD Computers, USA-based online video game platform RobotCache, the original “OG” NFT Gaming platform Wax worth several hundred million, and many more.

WE MEAN BUSINESS! Our track record in producing business investor relations programming puts us into a special category of content creators in the web 3.0 space. We have helped boost tech companies, NFT, and Crypto projects programs for Fox Business, NASDAQ, and Bloomberg TV.

Our featured newest Business Sports TV series

BYOB-Bring Your Own Board- CHOCKED FULL OF BRAND INTEGRATION for companies and New Stars! Aired on Fox Sports Asia 31 to 31countries reaching over 130 million and launched crypto exchanges for the first time on network TV, now launching new programs on the Momentum Channel.

Think: “Beyond the Beach- Baywatch meets The Apprentice”

Starring Lifeguard brothers from ABC’s Shark Tank: The Hamboard Family, US Junior Surfing Champion Nikki Viesins, USA Surf Coach Sean Mattison, Social Media Star/Model Olga Safari (over 77 million views on Vine), Top Board Designer for women Lola Jade, and Former Professional Surfer Cordell Miller.


B.Y.O.B Bring Your Own Board TV is a new television series based around people who live life to the fullest as surfers, shapers, lifeguards, models, fashion designers, and all of the people who meet together at the beach for a common goal–making it in the action sports industry Come to find out these surfers, hunks and board makers have the ultimate life, becoming millionaires doing what they love to do. Will they make it or will they wipe out? Sneak Peek of Programming Click Here.


Movie and TV platform taps Momentum after it raises 3rd largest cryptocurrency crowdfunding ( $575 million) to launch its online channel and app.

How we helped bring mass adoption for the 3rd largest cryptocurrency raise in history while building momentum with users. We have worked alongside the biggest blockchain, NFT, and web 3.0 projects in the world to help them build viewers and audiences and we will be using these same tools to make Momentum Channel a success.

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