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Buy a Snoop Dogg x Method Man NFT –  Basically for FREE! 🎤

Ooh Wee! Uh Huh!

Today I want to pinpoint you to a cool NFT possibility that is taking place on the Flow blockchain: Buy an exclusive Snoop Dogg & Method Man NFT for $20 — and get reimbursed the full purchase price in FLOW tokens!

When you are playing this right, this is a FREE NFT! The airdropped FLOW tokens are restricted to future purchases on TuneGO, a Web3 music platform, and will be airdropped into Dapper Wallets in October 2022.

So two legendary music artists bring their flow to the FLOW blockchain on the TuneGO Web3 Marketplace 🎤 — and you can consider your NFT purchase as “a buy one NFT — get two NFTs deal”! 🤑

The NFT of this 10655 pieces collection gives you access to brand-new music from Snoop Dogg and Method and original artwork as one-of-a-kind digital on the TuneGO platform — a Web3 music marketplace running on Flow 🌊.

Every holder of this common NFT gets additionally the chance of other rare or legendary prizes. The first 10.000 buyers who purchase this digital collectible will also be reimbursed the full purchase price ($20) in FLOW tokens.

⚡️ Without the rebate, in my mind the utility of this NFT collection is as of now a bit limited. But when keeping in mind the relatively low mint price as well as the guaranteed airdrop of the full purchase price in FLOW tokens, the risk/reward evaluation looks good. You have to bet also a bit on the future of the TuneGO platform: When there won’t be any interesting NFT drops in the future, your FLOW tokens are locked there for nothing and you can’t participate from your FLOW rebate.

Here a good overview what can be expect from this collectible NFT drop:

NFT Holders can expect a lot of future airdrops — and in phase I a complete refund of the purchase price in FLOW tokens!

Listen to Uncle Snoop’s and Mister Mef’s legendary flow on Flow, directly via the TuneGo NFT drop page! 🎵

So all in all, this exclusive Snoop Dogg & Method Man NFT is a buy for me. I like this comic-styled artwork. And when you are into hip hop, this NFT is for the culture — and a must buy! ✊🏾

The Chronicles of JB & Snoop NFT — this artwork opens up the Tical Universe comic book to its origins.

Exclusively available to the Dapper community and minted on the Flow blockchain, here’s a brief checklist what needs to be done to qualify for this $20 in FLOW Tokens airdrop:

✅ Head to the NFT drop directly via TuneGo:

✅ In case you don’t have a Dapper Wallet yet, you will be easily guided through the steps. Use a fresh email address and password you have never used before!

✅ Connect your Dapper Wallet

✅ Buy your NFT seamlessly using debit card or even pay via bank transfer!

💡 On top of the aforementioned conditions, keep also in mind that:

  • Only a completion of the Dapper Wallet KYC process enables you to receive the FLOW token rebate.
  • The $20 rebate in FLOW tokens is limited to per collector. So buying 5 NFTs will not give you a $100 rebate in FLOW tokens.
  • Be fast — the rebate is only available to the first 10.000 collectors!

And there you are! I hope you liked this little coverage on the possibility of a $20 airdrop of FLOW tokens directly into your Dapper Wallet by buying an exclusive Snoop Dogg x Method Man NFT — basically for FREE! 🎵

PS: To get into the groove, you can also alternatively pump Method Man’s new hit record New Old School that is distributed by TuneGO, but mind that Snoop Dogg’s part is missing — as this is an NFT exclusive!

So go with the flow, head over the TuneGo NFT drop page 🎵 and get your exclusive Snoop Dogg x Method Man NFT.

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