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Share 30 Million $XFP [ComboPack] | by Staw.Finance

Terms & Conditions:
#1. Stake $XFP for 30 Days to be eligible to receive 300K for every 1M stake.
#2. Min-Max: 1,000,000–5,000,000 $XFP in a single lock allotment and in round figures (1M,2M etc.)
#3. Register your participation early 👉 Reward will be distributed 2 Days before unlocking.
#4. Participation is Open for Only 100 Wallets (FCFS), from Oct 7– Nov 6, 2022.

#1. Visit and ensure its any of this secured root address

#2. Click on DApp to redirect to
#3. Select Your Web 3.0 Wallet Access method:
Waves Keeper, or Waves.Exchange (Email or Seed or PK) or Ledger
#4. After logIN, SeletAsset → Fishfactory P (XFP)
#5. Select Locking duration →
7, or 14, or 30, or 60, or 90 Days
#6. Compute stake amount: 1,000,000–5,000,000 XFP
Note: The DApp allows for users to stake as many times as they want. But a single wallet cannot stake more than 5 million $XFP quota
#7. Click lock and confirm your staking.
#8. Copy your trxID and Register your stake entry with us, if you are participating in the combo reward pack: 👉

OPTIONAL: 👉 Refer a friend to this event and earn 20,000 XFP per user 10 max), who participate: Use this: 👉
Note: If by chance, the team generate sales from this, all accumulated funds will be released into the pools on Xeggex or Puzzleswap listing.

There are just two ways to get $XFP, either by staking or trading

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