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NotoPat NFT — The Character & Story — By GraceArt NFT | by GraceArt Nft


NotoPat is a happy and accomplished character who also reflects leanings towards the fun, the irreverent, and the iconic. We have given the character greater realism and expressiveness, slightly humanizing his face, in addition to providing him with a suitable body so that he can express all his greatness, courage and positivity.

In addition, he has a very appropriate level of dynamism and diversity of elements represented as traits, accessories, etc. The result is a character with a lot of personality, unique and exclusive, whose objective is to delight and produce a strong sense of community for potential owners.

NotoPat is an attractive and fun character who, along with his story, seeks to convince and connect with an audience interested in personal and spiritual development to improve their lives.


NotoPat is about a character who has managed to achieve success in all aspects of his life (love, money, friends, health) after having had a really unhappy life in his childhood and youth, something that he has achieved from within, so he now enjoy a happy and prosperous life thanks to his work from within.

For this reason, we have represented a character full of happiness and satisfaction with life, in addition to other positive emotions such as feeling abundant, feeling loved, etc.

Now he feels like a triumphant in life after having led a miserable life in previous years, so he wants to share this happiness with his loved ones and everyone who knows him, so that they can achieve the same thing he has achieved with just follow the exact formula that he has used to achieve success.

It is a character with magnetism and fun who, together with his story, seeks to convince and connect with an audience interested in personal development or spiritual development to improve their lives.

NotoPat is a character with a story inspired by real life. Many of us can identify with NotoPat’s experiences.


Notopat was a miserable boy, he was poor, people made fun of him and his beloved disowned him. One day he met a wonderful Magician, who seeing him so sad and unhappy, could do nothing but reveal the formula to achieve happiness and prosperity in his life.

From this day everything began to change for him. Notopat got the love of his beloved, everyone respected him and he became a millionaire forever. Notopat will not only transfer his ability to attract an incredible life to his owner, but will also reveal the exact formula that the kind Magician gave him to achieve happiness and prosperity in his life.

NotoPat now enjoys an enviable life, everyone respects him, he is completely rich and lives a beautiful love story. All this, thanks to the fact that a kind Magician revealed to him the formula of happiness, the same wonderful formula that the holders of this collection will receive.

NotoPat NFT Collection. Character & Story

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