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This Is How You Profit From a Bear Market | by Darya Kablash | Oct, 2022

Is it the end?

October 9th, 10th, and 11th are recorded as the lowest trading days on the Ethereum network. September also showed the lowest volumes, returning to the values ​​of summer 2021. Obviously, we will have even lower volumes in October than in September.

Opensea monthly volume chart

Are NFTs dead? Should you return to the 9-to-5-Job because you lost all the money buying stupid pictures?

I don’t quite think so.

I have been in the NFT market since February 2022, so I basically watched the market collapse right before my eyes. But I’m still here — and believe me, there are still profits to take.

Maybe this article will make you believe in yourself again, so read it to the end. Also remember, none of this is financial advice and you should do your own research.

So, does lower volume mean a market crash? Not at all. I see 2 positive points:

Everyone around is shouting that the time will soon come when you should:

  1. Take all your money (please don’t do that)
  2. Buy the top projects.
  3. Wait until everything grows back.
  4. Be rich.

That time has come. Here it is, the bottom. Buy what you want.

An example of how this works? Clone X just went from 5.6 up to 8.6 ETH. 2 ETH profit. 4 ETH if you bought 2.

Clone X sales chart

But remember that you should only invest the amount you are willing to lose. Otherwise, you will not be able to make decisions rationally.

Is still possible that we will go even lower and you will see how all your money is rapidly lost? Yes. Can your heart take it? If the answer is no, then you’re better off investing a much smaller amount.

It could seem that there is no liquidity, but anyway, with the release of high-quality projects, we see their x2-x10 growth.

Not only projects with high mint prices but also free-mint collections blow up.

One of the latest examples is the Fortunata World Pass, a free mint that went up to 1.3 ETH.

Fortunata World Pass goes up to 1 eth

Even without WL, you can earn. Nobody’s stopping you from taking two or more NFTs (but remember that risks will also increase). You also could have entered here, for 0.09 ETH. Still a hell of a profit to take.

Possible entry zone on Fortunata World Pass

You just need a competent analysis that will show the future potential of the collection. And a little bit of luck 🙂

A friend of my friend once found a collection that in all data seemed to him like a new project to blow up. He was very confident — so much so that he sold all his other assets and invested this money in this collection.

This collection made x4. And he invested a lot of money, so x4 here is definitely something. Out of $10 000 you could have made $40,000. Still, investing 100% of your money in one collection is stupid.

And there’s not only one collection that can do that.

Buy Kitaro for 0.02 and sell for 0.33 eth.

Kitaro World Official all-time sales chart

Buy Street Machine for 0.05 and flip for 0.35 eth.

StreetMachine all-time sales chart
And this is how you make profits

Genuine Undead from 0.03 to 0.45 eth.

Genuine Undead all-time sales chart

Profits are still here. Risks are very high to do the same things you’ve done in the bull market. You need to adapt.

Yes, there’s less volume. But out of the $100 Million — is there a chance of you making $10 000? Yes, there is.

OK, there is no more Hape Prime for 8 ETH, but a profit of 0.5–2 ETH in such a market is also very good. How do you do that?

  1. Invest in high-quality projects. Everything else is a too high risk right now.
  2. Generate cash flow out of NFTs. This will help you handle your emotions while trading.
  3. Don’t blindly trust any calls. Learn to do your own research. I will write an article about this.
  4. Have a clear strategy. More on that in my other article.

Opportunities are always there. Take them.

If you want to learn more about how to find such collections and how to do the right analysis, as well as how to build a million-dollar fortune, then be sure to follow me on Medium and on Twitter.

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