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Open Metaverse — The Art Gallery. My first exhibition in OM — 6529… | by Carol NFT Artist | Oct, 2022

On October 6, the opening of the Portuguese NFT Neighborhood exhibition and party took place. More than 40 galleries of NFT artists were created in the OM — Open Metaverse. Along with about forty artists and guests I celebrated NFT Art in OM. Here you can go through the different galleries and get to know some great portuguese talent, now available in the Metaverse.

This was the second portuguese NFT artists’ exhibiton, as the press release states:

On October,6 at 9 p.m., the community of portuguese artists that explore the world of NFTs will attend an exhibition and a party in the OM — Open Metaverse. The artists and guests will be hanging out in a building where one can find more than forty galleries of portuguese artists in 6529 Museum District, the first space of OM. Boosted by one of the greatest collectors and defenders of web3, Punk 6529,on its beta version and quick expansion, OM is an open Metaverse, decentralized and led by the community. Following the exhibition PT43NFT, which took place in February, this is another initiative to support and publicize portuguese artists that use NFT technology. The opening event can be accessed here, where one will find several artists and can visit all the galleries.

Below you can find some pictures of the party, where DJ and NFT Artist (@MarT_oO_graphic) performed.

As it was my first NFTs exhibition I was super happy and very thankful for the opportunity because I could see my Art alongside fantastic artists.

It was fantastic to feel all the support and joy of everybody who visited my gallery!

I’d love to share with you how great it is to take part of the revolution Web3 and Metaverse, and thank you all for the support! (by Mum)

Portuguese version here

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