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No Women in Web3; How education can bridge the gender gap | by Swollet

Just like its predecessor Web2 which has always been mainly male-dominated, it seems Web3 is taking the exact shape of the gender gap between men and women in the industry. Statistics have proven that only 19% of people who own digital currency identify as a woman, Why are women not investing in Web3? Is it due to a lack of Web3 education?

Education has always been a driving force in changing the beliefs of an atmosphere, if you make education accessible in any industry it allows any individual of any gender to gain access to this platform and learn for themselves. Edtech has driven the atmosphere of inclusivity and accessibility, which has made millions of people no matter who they are or where they are gain access to what they have an interest in.

Web3 is for everyone and can give financial freedom to any gender that chooses to play an active role as an entrepreneur or as an investor. Getting access to credible knowledge and information is key to bridging the gender gap.

Edtech in Web3 has a major role in making sure that this new era of blockchain technology is embraced with no gender bias as their platforms and resource materials should be able to address everyone’s needs.

Swollet as a Web3 financial Edtech startup has embraced the mission of inclusivity as we find ways of bridging the gap by curating Web3 courses from accredited educational institutions that are accessible to all individuals no matter their gender.

INVITE; The team of swollet is hosting a Twitter space with the theme “Attracting more women to Web3,” If you are a woman and will like to be a speaker in this space, we will be honored to have you. You can simply contact us by just a click below;

Twitter- @teamswollet

Instagram- @teamswollet

Discord- @swollet

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