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Curator + Artist = Legals ❤. Since ancient times curators and… | by Alex Kosenkov | Art Keepers | Nov, 2022

Since ancient times curators and collectors were not only helping the artists to promote the artworks but participated in the inception process as well. For example Henri Matisse’s famous “Dance” and “Music” was commissioned by Sergey Shukin (Russian collector whose private collection served as a foundation for Hermitage).

“Dance” (left) and “Music” (right) by Henri Marisse

Similarly, in the world of digital art curators and collectors now have a chance to significantly influence the direction of art evolution. In our experience artists don’t always have the marketing or technical skillset necessary to make the NFT collection successful and curators are more than encouraged to fill this gap.

Curator, for example, could help the artist mint their artwork in the form of NFT and take over the technical complexities (choice of blockchain, smart contract type, airdrops mechanics and so on) and marketing efforts for this particular collection. Whilst doing that the artist’s royalties are usually shared between artist and curator ensuring the curator is incentivised to do his very best job.

So far so good. But similarly to galleries’ exhibitions this process requires the curator to have the necessary copyrights to mint and promote the works of author. Please find our version of the formal contract between artist and curator below. It grants the curator intellectual rights to mint and promote the original (physical/digital) artwork in the form of NFT.

Services agreement template

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