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DESIRE — the Inaugural NFT Collection of CRYPTYQUES | by BEAM+ LAB

A gaze of yearning. The look that you cannot hide on your face. You may be speechless, but those eyes won’t lie. It’s the very same gaze from an infant looking into its mother’s eyes, who yearns for the unconditional sacrifices from she who has given birth to it.

Being the debut collection for CRYPTYQUES, DESIRE is a significantly avant garde representation as the collection stems from the cinematic movement of Hong Kong New Wave. The New Wave Movement is undeniably contemporary whilst at the same time, it originates from creations of a relatively recent past, commenting on the contemporary world with moving pictures after this medium of art first emerged less than a decade ago thanks to the Lumière Brothers.

Overviewing at the broader level in the world of art-making, it would not be a surprising fact to see how different genres in the arts experienced new developments around a similar period of time across the world as New Wave cinema was budding. It was during the 1950s when the world was just relieved from the tensions of WWII, and when the drained minds sought their ways back to the classique as a consequence; the New Wave Movement served as a rebellion against the traditional forms, which were mostly viewed as rigid. The avant garde stylistic direction was hence birthed as a nouveau socio-economic strategy at play: with a low-budget approach on production, cinematographers were forced to seek out for a quintessentially original art form that was made to be produced at the expense of contemporary and economic comfortness.

The European New Wave flourished some 20 years earlier than the Hong Kong New Wave, which inevitably resulted in Hong Kong being the marshland of filmmaking. The European New Wave blossomed in the late 1950s when most of the Hong Kong New Wave filmmakers were born — the boomers as we all know. They were the first generation of people from Hong Kong who had more opportunities to come in touch with the rest of the world as Hong Kong was soon then turned into a melting pot for East and West. It was an age of liberation, of relief, of coming to an awareness in celebration of survival. DESIRE, was therefore, a subsequent fact that reflected the collective agenda. The primal human desire is to survive, and how Hong Kongers had done it, whilst yearning for more, was all evident in the Hong Kong New Wave genre.

In CRYPTYQUES’ collection of DESIRE, the selected footage all belong to the Hong Kong New Wave cinema, which have all been carefully curated to narrate the necessity in portraying such yearnings of primal needs. DESIRE is the first of the 7 Emotions that illustrate the past — a past that you and I are well-familiar with. Such collections of digital works in each of the 7 Emotions, are therefore, fragments of memories — whether personal or collective, they are what we remember. These memories are therefore visually presented in a fragmented way to convey such amaranthine qualities. In the collection, the 3D rendering technique of Point Cloud is adopted to precisely translate such a transcendence, where such a technique is generally more widely used as a modeling technique for practical applications in architectural or interior designs. The DESIRE collection is therefore one of the few pioneers in digital art-making to bond pragmatic technology and art, attempting to bring out the warmer emotional qualities from the colder spectrum of science.





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BEAM+ LAB is a decentralised film & entertainment universe that revitalises and incubates W2&3 IPs through co-creation and collaboration to unleash their full artistic & commercial potential. With a strong network within the film production industry, BEAM+ LAB reclaims and reignites the international spotlight on film, art and culture.

BEAM+ LAB has raised over USD2.2M in its seed round funding from international blockchain investors with a post-money valuation of USD18M. These investors include those from the web 3 field such as Avalanche and SNZ, as well as Mei Ah Entertainment and family offices who also back Animoca Brands.


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