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LunApuPia LORDS. LunApuPia LORDS is the continuation of… | by LunApuPia NFT project

LunApuPia LORDS — OpenSea NFT

LunApuPia LORDS is the continuation of the first NFT collection of the LunApuPia Universe (

This is a pre-collection release — of the new LunApuPia NFT — 6 hand-drawn LunApuPia LORDS NFTs. These are the three families of the Lords of the three planets of the LunApuPia Universe. New collection launching soon.

The first LunApuPia NFT collection on sale mint.

The LunApuPia Project is the LunApuPia World far in the galaxy near the Black Hole, the world with its inhabitants Lunapupis.

LunApuPia — a constellation of three planets (Lun, Apu, Pia) on the edge of a Black Hole in the constellation Unicorn where our Lunapupis heroes live. Spaceships cannot fly there, and the inhabitants move using the unique ability to teleport across three planets. Join us for learn more about LunApuPia and soon everyone will know more… (Official site —

LunApuPia LORDS — watch at OpenSea

LunApuPia LORDS — OpenSea NFT

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