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Bitverse Genesis NFT; a Soul-Bound NFT with Unlimited Privileges | by Bitverse

Hurry! Download the Bitverse app to get on the whitelist for airdrop rewards…

It’s Bitverse official launch day and we are super excited for the support and reception of the Web3 community thus far. With over 10,000+ Twitter followers already in our build-up to this day, we can only be pumped for what the future holds as we aim to deliver wealth-creation & profit-oriented events to your fingertips with Bitverse.

To celebrate these incredible milestones and mark the official launch of Bitverse, we bring you a rewarding campaign designed to highlight a vital component of the Bitverse ecosystem — the Bitverse Genesis NFT. Participants of this campaign will be added to the whitelist for $MATIC & Genesis NFT Airdrop rewards.

Please see Genesis NFT Acquisition Tutorial here

The Bitverse Genesis NFT launch campaign is designed to reward the first batch of users to download the Bitverse app. The Bitverse app serves as the gateway to explore everything the Bitverse ecosystem has to offer.

To join in, users simply need to the complete social media attention activity and download the Bitverse app to get the NFT whitelist. We will airdrop MATIC & Genesis NFT rewards to the whitelisted addresses 3–5 working days after the end of the campaign

Duration; 10th Nov.~17th Nov. 2022 @ 1 PM (UTC)


Win MATIC & Genesis NFTs airdropped to your Bitverse address

  • Complete the Gleam quest
  • Follow @Bitversezone
  • RT&like the Tweet
  • Join the Bitverse discord
  • Follow Bitverse medium
  • Download Bitverse App (Available on IoS & Android)
  • Get the Genesis NFT whitelist and Matic airdrop

Note: Only native Bitverse addresses can get the NFTs and Airdrop rewards.

Imported wallet addresses can not receive the rewards and are considered invalid.

The unique Bitverse Genesis NFTs are soul-bound NFTs representing each user’s identity within the Bitverse ecosystem. The Genesis NFTs will grant users numerous benefits/privileges and play vital roles in upcoming Bitverse campaigns ranging from free-mint NFT, airdrop access, rewards incentives and discounts, etc. The genesis NFTs will be linked to users’ Bitverse wallet addresses and users will be issued one after completing the wallet registration. It is important to note that the genesis NFT is soul-bound to users’ Bitverse wallets, which means it isn’t tradeable nor transferrable

In the coming days, we will be launching another rewarding campaign to mark the upcoming World Cup Event. Holders of the Bitverse Genesis NFT will enjoy all the associated benefits for this campaign, and others to come. For instance, for the upcoming Bitverse “Predict & Win” World Cup event, users will be able to select a team and free-mint 1 WC NFT powered by their Bitverse genesis NFTs. Make sure to follow all our social channels here;

Bitverse is a data-driven protocol developed to deliver an all-in-one Web3 experience for users, enabling the monitoring and aggregation of trending Web3 topics, projects, and assets. Bitverse leverages a robust data algorithm model to deliver unique insights on aggregated data from multiple Web3 and non-Web3 sources to inform users on credible wealth creation and profit-generating opportunities. Hence, users will be able to make profit-oriented decisions at any time in Bitverse.

The Bitverse ecosystem focuses and offers three primary services in one interface — Wallet services (Bitverse Wallet), Chain/Portfolio Tracking, and Data Aggregation (Web3 & non-Web3) for optimized recommendations.

The Bitverse team is grateful for the support from the Web3 community so far, and we look forward to embarking on this journey with you.

Join us!

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