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Our Partnership with Port3. NFT drops are broken. The fundamental… | by Automata Network

Realizing the vision of a fair and secure metaverse, or even Web3, is challenging and takes time, but more than anything has to be supported by a pitched effort across the entire ecosystem. For the past few weeks, we have been working closely together with Port3 and are thrilled to announce that we’re bringing a brand new minting feature to SoQuest!

NFT drops are broken

The fundamental struggle?

Highly skilled actors continue to be first in line for every collection with an (outsized) and unfair advantage. The focus on fairness — supported by our technical approach; propping up our product stack, and ultimately guiding our vision — protects users from exploitation from day one. Port3, having established itself as the social data gateway to Web3, is the perfect playing ground for us to push forward with fair NFT launches.

In fact, we’re hosting an NFT drop to celebrate the occasion, from now till November 24. To define the goals of fair NFT launches goes beyond just making sure it is efficient and robust to exploitation. It’s about nurturing long-term relationships on the ground, engaging existing members, and bringing newbies into the fold.

If you are interested in learning more about NFTFair, we have an active channel on Discord. Let’s keep on building!

About Port3

The Web3 social data gateway. Aggregate off-chain and on-chain data to empower Web3 dApps.

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About Automata

Automata is a decentralized middleware service protocol protecting fairness and privacy in Web3. Designed to provide non-intrusive integration across multiple chains, its product kit includes 2FA Guru, NFTFair, 1RPC, AnyDAO and XATA to make it easy for users to choose privacy.

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