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The Ultimate Guide On How To Market Your NFT Project | by Wagmi Tips | Nov, 2022

Are you ready to launch your NFT project but wondering how to market it? has compiled The Ultimate Guide On How To Market Your NFT Project that will make your NFT project stand out!

First, let’s talk a little bit about marketing technique. You can use many strategies to effectively engage with your audience and present your NFT project in the best light. Let’s take a look at techniques that work for NFT projects.


This is a very common marketing technique — it’s as simple as it sounds. Essentially, by telling a story about your NFT project or yourself, you’re engaging with your audience emotionally and it leaves a lasting impression. People may not always remember everything you say about your project, but they’ll remember how they felt about it.

Human interest is always an interesting angle. Consider talking about your motivations or inspiration for starting your project, and then go from there. Dig deep, you might be surprised at the different ways your project has inspired you as a creator. This technique would work really well for charity and art-based projects.

Generating value

The roadmap and utility are important for NFT projects. It may not make or break the project, but many buyers invest in projects that provide long-term value. Take a look at our following guides about this subject:

Value might be one of the easiest aspects of your NFT project to market. It’s pretty straightforward — discuss the value of your project and present it in a simple-to-digest format. As long as you’re honest and concise with what your project brings to the table, a discerning investor would be able to see your project’s value.


Community is vital in the NFT world! They’re what keeps your project alive and they can really help with marketing your project too.

On top of your normal marketing tasks, you might want to schedule in community engagement too. Once you’ve gotten to a certain point of popularity, what are you doing to engage with your community and keep them active? While outreach is important, you definitely need to consider exclusive activities just for your community. This is a great marketing technique for niche projects too.


Of course, the goal of marketing any project is to generate interest, but we’re talking about piquing people’s interest with mystery. Make it difficult to resist clicking on your ad to learn more about what this project is all about. If you have strong partnerships in place, you can drop hints on it and watch your engagement skyrocket. Later on in this guide, we discuss how you can use teaser videos that capitalise on intrigue.

This is a great way to launch sequel projects for founders with an established community. It might also be a good way to launch collaborative projects too.


The NFT community has vastly different ideas about what drives up the value of an NFT. The scarcity of an NFT is one of these key factors. Similar to any collectable, the rarer an item is, the higher its value would be. Check out our full guide on NFT rarity and how you can implement it in your own project.

It would be worthwhile marketing your project as a unique, one-of-a-kind concept that stands out from the crowd. Alternatively, you could consider coming up with an NFT project concept that appeals to a niche market or has a specific utility.

Social media is a very important tool when it comes to marketing NFTs. Not only is it an effective way to get your project’s name out there, it is also a great way to engage with your community. Let’s take a look at some of the most effective social media marketing techniques for NFT projects.


You’d better get comfortable with Twitter because this is where the majority of the NFT community hangs out!

Here are some basics you should definitely do if you’re just starting out with NFTs:

  • Follow popular influencers and projects
  • Check popular hashtags often
  • Retweet and like posts by others
  • Contribute to discussions
  • Cross-post articles or news to Twitter

It may take some time, but building up a strong Twitter following and community with highly engaged followers will certainly pay dividends when its time for you to launch your project!


Discord is a popular chat service that is used by the gaming community as it is not just a chatroom, it also has a lot of features. Anyone can make an account and start a chat server for free. Within those chat servers, they can make different chatrooms for different purposes, push important announcements, appoint members to become moderators and more! You can even create exclusive chatrooms for your future NFT holders, adding utility to your project further.

With these features, it’s no wonder that Discord has also become popular among the NFT crowd. We would say that Discord is just as important as Twitter as investors often look at your follower count on these platforms as a way to determine whether your followers are real or not.

Besides, Discord is an easy way to keep in touch with and engage with your community. Pop into the chat once in a while to socialise with your members! It’s a great way to retain interest in your project.


Once you have built a sizable following on Twitter or Discord for your NFT project, you might also want to consider hosting competitions or giveaways. NFT projects often run art or meme competitions. Alternatively, you could announce a giveaway once you meet a certain follower milestone. These are all great ways to engage with your community!

Ask Me Anything (AMA)

AMAs, or Ask Me Anything, are a great way for your community to understand you as a developer. Your audience submits questions which are normally answered in real-time. This interactive post concept was popularised by Reddit, but it can also be done on Twitter or any other platform that enables you to answer questions live. Recently, Twitter spaces have become the go-to platform for NFT AMAs due to its wide reach and visibility among NFT enthusiasts. Be sure to use it!

Simply determine a time (be sure to specify the timezone for your international audience) and spread the word to your followers.


Reddit is a discussion platform that has subreddits dedicated to NFTs. The free platform simply requires you to make an account to make posts and participate in discussions. Do take note that each subreddit has its own rules, so you may not always be allowed to promote your project.


While it is not the biggest platform for NFTs, with the right hashtags, you can reach a sizable crowd of NFT enthusiasts. It is also possible to host AMAs on this platform using the Q&A function in your Stories.

You could make major announcements as a post which stays visible on your page and engage with your followers more frequently with Stories. If you have an existing Instagram follower base, be sure to leverage it!


Telegram is a free instant messaging service that is available on multiple platforms. Telegram groups are often overlooked in the NFT world, but it’s quickly catching up as a new marketing tool that is popular in other sectors involving sales.

This platform is great for keeping your followers updated about your brand and the latest developments of your project.

Promotion Techniques

Once you’ve got a sizable following, it’s time to amp up your promotion efforts on your social media!

The first thing you should do is set up a Launch Calendar. A launch calendar lets your followers know about the important minting dates and creates anticipation because exciting projects tend to sell out quickly during mint launches. If you have pre-mint dates for your launch, be sure to include these in your calendar and let your followers know about it.

Be sure to drop teasers leading up to your launch. Teaser videos are a great way to create interest in your project and get people talking about it. It creates intrigue about what it’s about and hypes them up before the project goes live. Art teasers are also a great way to reveal what your buyers are going to get when they buy your NFTs. It is a great way to create hype and demand for your NFTs.

It’s best to keep in mind that NFTs are relatively new and appeals to a niche audience. In order to achieve effective marketing, you will need to know what works for this particular community. Let’s take a look at some effective techniques for marketing NFT projects.


Medium is a blogging platform that is open to anyone to publish. It’s a favourite among many NFT projects for establishing their brand as the platform is search engine optimised (SEO). This means that Google searches for the project’s name are likely to show its published articles on Medium.

As we’ll explain next, we recommend that you establish your own SEO-friendly website too, but it’s always a good idea to also be on this platform as it has a wide reach.

Official Website (and SEO)

An official website for your project is highly recommended and could lend your project more credibility. It serves as a central location to display important news, updates, and links for your project.

At the very least, your website should have a minting page and a list of all your socials. However, it would be best if your website also had marketing blurbs, your project roadmap, information about your team, a press kit and more. This makes it easy for news and aggregator sites to pick up news about your project and publish accurate information.

Press Releases

Press releases are also another good way to reach news platforms. By putting out a summary about your latest project launch as a press release, the hope is that news sites may pick up on it, find your project interesting, and publish it.

You could write your own press release or hire a freelance PR manager to do it for you. Then, it’s just a matter of publishing your press release on submission sites. This is also a task that can be outsourced if you have money to spare!

Collaborations and Mint Pass

Instead of launching as a solo project, you could consider pitching your project to bigger, more established developers as a collaboration. While it might complicate things a bit behind the scenes, it capitalises on an established reputation and fanbase to launch your project.

You could also consider offering a Mint Pass. It is a token that allows holders access to all future releases by a creator. You could reach out to a project and offer them an allocation of your Mint Pass profits for a collaboration. A Mint Pass could grant holders early access to future collaborations and to redeem NFTs without worrying about missing out due to high demand, among many other benefits.

Paid Advertisements

You will definitely need a marketing budget that has some funds set aside for paid advertisements. We recommend promoting on NFT-related news websites, but advertising on most social media platforms will work. It’s just a matter of understanding how to reach your target audience and adjusting your ad campaigns accordingly.

With that said, you should consider allocating a portion of your marketing budget to have your project featured on NFT news websites, listings, or to be mentioned or reviewed by notable influencers.

NFT Listings and Featured Drop

Another effective way to market your project is to get your project on NFT listings and to be the featured drop on a major marketplace such as OpenSea. Avid investors are always looking for the next big thing and often check NFT listings to find new projects.

Additionally, there’s also the possibility your project could be featured on a marketplace’s homepage. While this is up to OpenSea’s discretion, a unique and promising project will likely catch their attention. By tagging OpenSea on Twitter, your project will have a chance of being featured.

The advantage of these techniques is that you could be sure these will reach an active NFT community. Speaking of listings, check out’ Upcoming NFT Projects page! Our listing is updated daily! You could list your project on our website for free — simply fill in the form here!


A quick way to build a following is to offer benefits such as allow-listing for early supporters. Allow-listing refers to having a user’s wallet address pre-approved for minting which gives them minting priority. Some projects also offer Allow-listed addresses benefits such as reduced fees and exclusive content.

This technique is often used on Discord before launch where members have to complete certain tasks to get on the priority list. These may include helping you gain followers by sharing your project on their Twitter account, liking your posts, and so on.

PREMINT is a popular service that helps creators create an access list ensuring that bots are kept out and only real collectors may be on the list.

Using a combination of marketing techniques, you could build up your brand rather quickly and efficiently. At the very least, we highly recommend that you establish a presence on Twitter, build a community on Discord, and launch a website. Consider also your available budget and resources when deciding on a strategy. It’s wise to analyse your project and these marketing techniques to see which strategies would work best for you.

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