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What is probably wrong?. Yield-bearing NFTs backed by ETF… | by probably wrong | Nov, 2022

Yield-bearing NFTs backed by ETF investment strategies.

The probably wrong project is primarily focused on digital assets backed by decentralized ETF investment strategies. Probably wrong prioritizes enhancing investor insight. This is accomplished through a token-gated analytics dashboard, a custom-integrated DeFi toolbox, and more.

The dashboard is designed to give enhanced insight to holders on how the ETF is functioning (proof of reserves) and how the yield is earned for the underlying assets (asset deployment strategies).

This allows the assets to properly reflect both underlying and staking yield for individual assets as well as fund-wide. The probably wrong NFT is designed to be the ultimate access for data and analytics regarding the ETFs offered by Kassandra DAO and invested by the probably wrong project.

Dashboard, simplified

The benefits beyond the dashboard include the quarterly revenue share from the underlying ETF investment & DeFi toolbox. The backing for the fund and the estimated rewards will all be trackable with the user dashboard.

The digital assets for probably wrong are composed of many generations and collections. Each allows access to the same benefits but could be designed by different artists. The list of artists ready to participate with batches of probably wrong NFTs is currently 7.

The probably wrong pass is an NFT that underlies the whole project. The pass can be considered OG designation as it comes with significant perks. There will only ever be 100 probably wrong passes in existence. There are no team allocations because it’s fair mint or bust. The pass has 3 tiers, each tier has increasingly better perks. The perks of the pass are as followed:


  • 65 NFTs total
  • white background
  • guaranteed whitelist for future mints


  • 25 NFTs total
  • grey background
  • guaranteed whitelist or partial discount for future mints


  • 10 NFTs total
  • purple background
  • guaranteed whitelist, partial discount, or full discount for future mints

The probably wrong pass art is iconically stupid. I am very excited to share the work:

basic pass

The probably wrong probably will go live with fund deployment into the rgtETF by minerminer & Kassandra DAO once the product is live. Until the ETF is live, the treasury will be held in yyAVAX, AVAX, & USDC. This will help hedge risk with price fluctuation and allow for better yield generation until the ETF is live. For more information on the underlying ETF strategies please see:

Revenue Generating Token ETF (rgtETF)

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