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XR NFT new chapter : On&Offline sites gets a new look! | by MetaVerseRo

POPSLINE , STARWINGS, and MetaVerseRo is dedicated to providing its users with the best and most fascinating experience of the metaverse.

We have a goal which is to make our users completely understand the metaverse whenever they use our sites (be it offline or online).
We have critically looked at our website and also our offline gallery and have discovered that we can give people a better experience of the metaverse; hence decided to reconstruct the website and offline gallery.

Previous website

The website is set to be redesigned into a more interactive and fun platform.

The website would move from a 2D design to a 3D Extended Reality design. This new website provides the users convenient and immersive experience in getting to know about our team.

POPSLINE’s new website — preview

Offline Exhibition gallery would not be left out of the fun as it is set to take up a whole new look.

The gallery would be remodeled into a “Digital Playground” — a whole new approach that has not been done anywhere in the world before.

Instead of your typical conventional gallery where tourists just walk in to admire different art pieces, this one would be a break from the norm! Media art would be displayed all over the walls, of course with the enhancement of our special XR technology.

Further photos are too much of a spoiler.
It could be shown in my upcoming articles.

That is not all, Pop Pop App games would be available for every visitor to play, interact, and also earn rewards for NFT Airdrops of course.

POPSLINE’s new website — preview

The renovation of the website and the offline gallery are all part of a laid-out plan to give our users the best and most unforgettable experience they can ever have. You can always trust our team to deliver the best.

As of now, works are still in progress but you can trust me to give an article tour once it is finished. WE ARE COOKING! #BUIDL


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