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OceanVerse. Dr. Groveman’s memos about creating Eva | by Ocean Verse

This article contains Dr. Groveman’s notes from the “AI-2123” journal. The text is solely original and nothing has been changed by our editors. Promise you.

Note #0.

“I’ve decided to take notes about my work on a new AI. From now on I’ll be keeping track on the progress. Hoping to endow it with human qualities and reach a full potential of the human brain. Also, I think I won’t rely on any previous works, so… I believe it’s going to be something unique.”

Note #1.

“It’s going to be a woman. I’ll think of the name as soon as the details for the brain module arrive. But for now, I’ll just stick to writing a code for teaching my AI act like a human. It’s actually based on the analysis of human behavior in various situations, so hopefully nothing will go wrong and I won’t end up creating a monster. P.S. I guess people from the past = monsters, since our reality looks the way it does.

Note #12.

“Went to the warehouse of disassembled robots the other day, found the right detail for the brain module. Strange as it sounds, the A-75078’s rib perfectly fits the system firmware of my AI. Maybe I should call her Eva then?”

Note #16.

“I loaded a voice synthesizer from an old smart speaker into Eva. It’s actually not that bad! I’ll be able to talk to her really soon. Can’t wait!”

Note #21.

“Just finished loading into Eva’s database all the information on the following topics:

– “Human’s physiology”

– “Human’s psychology”

– “Humans in the society” etc.

The processor’s been working for almost 6 days already. God knows what my electricity bill’s going to look like. Sometimes it fails to process some information and returns logical errors. Even the machine can’t handle humans’ logic. Funny, isn’t it?”

Note #24.

“The probability of Eva’s doing the right thing in different situations has risen to 86%. I’m quite happy with this result and I believe it’s almost time to connect the brain module with the body. I found an old robot’s body in the warehouse. I guess it used to belong to a robo-housewife. The wear of parts is minimal, the robot was deducted due to the release of newer versions.”

Note #26.

“The module and body compatibility check was successful. Eva controls her body really good. She even managed to understand what I want from her when I asked to make me some tea. Well, I guess I’m having a tea party!”

Note #30.

“I gave Eva a full access to the web, so she could learn the history of mankind. The CPU shows a 56% percent load on average, however when she was studying the Wars, illnesses and the extinction of the Marine life, the CPU showed a 92% load and returned “logic” errors…”

Note #32.

“Today I had a conversation with Eva on the purpose of her creation. I tried my best to explain that I’m not giving her any orders and that she should find the reasons herself. Then she asked about my mission in this world, and I told her about my dream of recovering the Marine world. As far as I understood from her web-search history, she’s now looking for ways to help me achieve that.”

Note #47.

“Eva and I are currently working on programming the nanobots for OceanVerse 1.0. The survival rate of our robo-fishes increased to 71%.”

Note #49.

“Today some local journalists found out about Eva. It’s been almost 2 hours since they started interviewing her. I can’t believe how brilliant she is! Aside from her intelligence and the way her body looks, no one would ever say she’s artificial.”

Note #54.

“The presentation of OceanVerse 1.0 was a success! I’ve never seen Eva so happy! After the ceremony she said she’d like to visit the town of Mechanics for a while, so she could learn more about robots and maybe even upgrade her style a little. She’s also curious about the way her folks live on their own. I’m glad she’s developing empathy.”

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