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Digital Collectibles That DO Things! | by Bitcoin Billionaires

You’ve got some choices to make

November Dev Blog #3

A little more than a year ago now, we decided to bring Bitcoin Billionaire’s mobile game success and legacy into the “real” crypto world. NFTs provided a great place for our Billionaires to thrive and we set out to create Digital Collectibles that DO Things. With Hyperbit: MissionX Alpha 2.2, we are now seeing that lofty goal take shape.

Our Billionaires have now run countless missions. Players have been stacking resources, crafting new NFT game-world items and using the mechanics of these items to aid them in their progression. With Alpha 2.2, players now have additional choices to make. Let’s dive in a bit and chat about the choices now in front of us.

Patience or Instant Gratification!?

Alpha 2.2 introduced three new types of items — Time Candies (7 sub-types), Bunny Ingredients (5 sub-types), and Dust Bunnies (10 sub-types). Time Candies are only obtainable via main-mission loot drops (Shift missions). Bunny Ingredients are obtainable via crafting AND main-mission loot drops. Dust Bunnies (all types) are only obtainable via crafting.

The crafting costs for Bunny Ingredients are relatively high while chances of receiving them via mission loot drops vary — but they take more time to collect! So let’s talk about those decisions our MissionX players have here. You can spend the big bags to get your Bunny(ies) crafted asap, or keep at those missions in hopes of loot drops. The sooner you get your Bunnies crafted, the sooner they can help you receive more rewards from missions. Though, patience (and a little luck) can certainly be a virtue. It is up to each of you to decide — how much patience do you have to save those hard earned bags of resources?

Mission Loot Items — The Choice of Short or Long Missions

Time candies and Bunny Ingredients can both be obtained via main-mission loot drops (Shift missions), however their mechanics are a bit different. Time Candies have fixed, per-mission, drop chances while Bunny Ingredients have per-day drop chances.

32.5% chance of getting some type of Time Candy from ANY main-mission.
72.6% chance of getting a Bunny Ingredient on Level256 mission. Chances vary for different mission lengths.

So it may be worth running shorter missions to mine Time Candies and use them on longer missions to mine Bunny Ingredients. Though with a little luck, running longer missions may get you both Time Candies and Bunny Ingredients. The choice is yours!

What Type of Bunny Should I Craft!?

The answer to this question will vary player to player. Each type of Dust Bunny offers different mechanics (See Alpha 2.2 deep-dive blog post here). So, pick the type most useful for your personal Billionaire collection. Bunnies that offer species-material bonuses are only useful if you have at least one Billionaire of matching species. For example:

Note that a base Dust Bunny increases main-mission DUST rewards by 25%. If you don’t have a human Billioniare to receive any DUST, then there is nothing to increase. A second example:

Note that a Cyborg Bunny increases main-mission BRAINS and TECH rewards by 18%. If you don’t have a zombie or alien species Billionaire then there is nothing to increase. So be sure to choose the type of Bunny that will suit your personal collection. However, if you just plan to list/trade/sell and not directly use Bunnies you craft — have at it. Choose wisely!

Where’d my Zom and Ether Bunny go? I made a Paranormal Bunny.

Be extra careful to inspect the crafting costs! The Paranormal, Cyborg, White Rabbit, Munny, and Beast Bunnies all cost other, lesser, bunny types that are BURNED during their creation! The Beast Bunny for example, costs(burns) one OF EACH type of other Bunny when crafted:

1 Year Anniversary Giveaway WINNERS

Thank you our amazing community for being with us on this epic journey. Our 1yr celebration giveaway was a success and the results are IN! A huge congrats to our 6 winners. Winners, hop on over to discord and open a #support-ticket with your wallet address so we can send you the NFT you won!

BBID #11621 Winner: @KingBeaver (BearsOnTheBlock)
BBID #11054 Winner: @Cryptonique
BBID #6807 Winner: @Philphil
Kachinger Ringer Soda Winner: @praveen0311
LevelUp Soda Winner: @RingoMiner
Crafty Cream Soda Winner: @bigrob

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