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November’s best NFT drops with utility | by Tropee | Nov, 2022

From high fashion, web3 collabs to P2E gaming goodness, the team at Tropee knows the good stuff when they see it.

And we like to think we’re pretty generous too — so we’re sharing our insider knowledge of what’s coming up in the NFT world. Every month we’ll give you a rundown of the newest NFT drops, showcasing those clever creators who are using utilities to supercharge their collections. Strap in for November’s picks.

Giddey-up jockeys! Silks is a play 2 earn (P2E) fantasy game, set in the world of thoroughbred horse racing. Buy racehorses, keep and train them — and win races to earn money. That’s the theory at least (it’s way harder than it looks) — and it’s enough to keep thousands of gamers captivated.

Silks fans are delighted that a new collection of 10,000 NFTs is launching this month, in the shape of Silks Genesis Avatars — unique ‘crests’ that identify you and appears on everything you own in the gaming world.

It’s not the first time Silks has dipped a toe in the NFT water, but this time they’re supercharging the collection with a number of utilities. Holders can expect exclusive in-game treats including lifetime pass to the annual yearling sale (where the best horses are available for sale). And there’s plenty more to come too — as the creators promise more giveaways and IRL events.

Funky Wolves, the newest project from the Funky Pass Genesis crew, has caused a huge buzz in the industry since it reached a whopping $5 million valuation last month.

In its own words, Funky Wolves is a “clean collection of storytelling NFTs on the ETH blockchain with over 350 unique traits” — and we tip our hat to the web designer on the project — the aesthetics are nothing short of enchanting.

But what about utilities, we hear you ask? Well ask away — cos there are plenty to be had not least on-site get-togethers, parties, and live exhibits. What’s more, there’s physical merch so you can “wear the funk” and loads of collectibles like desk sculptures, dashboard ornaments, and unique limited-edition mysterious things which frankly we can’t wait to hear more about.

Mind’s Best Friend is an exciting new project with one mission in mind: raising awareness for and improving the mental health and wellness of its community.

The collection of 7,500 unique emotional support pups (yes, they’re super cute) is launching later this month, and not only will holders get their hands on some of the cutest critters out there, they also get exclusive access to some pretty nifty utilities all centred around better mental health.

Holders will receive access to one year subscription to Happify by Twill, a mental health and wellness app designed to weave together the strands of mental and physical health and create digital-first care that is as connected as the body and mind.

They’ll also get to attend live quarterly virtual speaker sessions with mental health and wellness experts and motivational speakers. Great stuff, right?

If you’re looking for a project with real-world utility as its primary mission, then Cocky is the project for you. It’s a brand new NFT lifestyle club that provides its holder access to world-class music events globally.

They’re planning a series of virtual and IRL music events throughout the year, with a focus on the coolest electro artists that are making waves in the industry. Fully immersive experiences are promised — and, we have to agree, they sound great.

To gain access to one of their events, you will need to own one of the Cocky NFTs and register your interest on the website each time an event has been announced.

Commemorating World Mental Health Day, HUGO has announced a collaboration with renowned Web 3.0 company, Imaginary Ones, launching the brand’s first NFT collection.

The first drop is a set of 1,001 3D animations, titled ‘Embrace Your Emotions (EYE). It aims to encourage everyone to connect with their emotions, and to share a message that all feelings — positive and negative — are valid and should be embraced.

And as well as spreading an important message, the collection has great utility to boot. In addition to receiving a “VIP ticket” for a 10% discount in the HUGO online store, all holders of a HUGO x Imaginary Ones NFT will have access to the Imaginary Ones’ staking ecosystem, which comes with exclusive perks and benefits. The animated characters will serve as a ‘passport’ to a range of special merchandise, experiences and content, including digital HUGO wearables and HUGO-themed Imaginary Ones drops.

Hopefully we’ve got you inspired — maybe even to add utility to your own collection. And there’s more good stuff too — check out Tropee to see how you can get started building the utilities your holders really want.

Maybe we’ll be featuring you in future NFT roundups!

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