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Tropee raises €5M to revolutionize NFT utilities | by Tropee | Nov, 2022

We’re excited to announce that Tropee has raised €5 million in a Seed round of funding, led by Tioga Capital, with participation from industry veterans including Lorens Huculak (Gem), Thibault Launay (Exclusible), Sébastien Borget (The Sandbox) and Grégoire le Jeune.

The funding will help Tropee drive the next phase of the NFT industry — delivering on our mission to turn NFTs from simple JPEGs into engaging assets with long-term value, and allowing anyone to build utilities for any NFT community. Following a period of speculation in the market, this announcement promises to revitalize the crypto space and secure a bright future for NFTs.

Some of the world’s biggest brands, including Frederique Constant, 20 Mint, NFT Paris, Rug Radio, G-Star RAW or Christian Lacroix are already using Tropee to build and deliver digital and physical utilities to their NFT holders. By offering everything from merchandise and events to discounts, whitelists, raffles and more, these creators are able to keep their community engaged, loyal and sticky. Crucially, with Tropee, anyone in the NFT community can quickly and easily discover, build and collect utility NFTs.

With our platform, we are building the foundations of a collaborative NFT utility ecosystem, with the community at the heart of its future development. Guillaume Lestrade, co-founder at Tropee added:

Tropee aims to be community-based — we are creating the foundations of an ecosystem, focused on utilities (physical and/or digital)”.

Nicolas Priem, managing director at Tioga Capital says:

We are convinced that Tropee will play a key role in the NFT industry’s transition from largely a speculative asset class to one delivering real utility to its community.

The organization is uniquely positioned to bring NFT utility to life by enabling countless use cases for content creators, protocols, brands, corporates, and many more. Their platform is remarkably easy to use and rich in the range of utilities that can be created.”

François Mahl, co-founder at Tropee concluded:

We firmly believe that the next phase of the NFT industry will be taking NFTs beyond ‘just’ being a JPEG or piece of art. We’re pleased to be at the forefront of this market revolution — helping creators ensure their collection remains dynamic and attractive, and helping holders get more value from their tokens.”

We thank you for getting us to where we are today. Together, let’s build a world where NFTs are much more than just “pretty” pictures.

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