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When Andrew Writes an Article About Longbois | by Andrew W | Dec, 2022

The meme seen ‘round the world. Or maybe just a few thousand people.

Pictured: Mostly Frens x Sappy Seals in the Crazy Goose Flock “Longboi” tradition. Inspired by J Hole.

If you’ve seen some profile pic monstrosities on Algorand Crypto Twitter these past couple weeks, you can thank J Hole; Prim (@y33tdavidson on Twitter); and Judas, whose tireless efforts really put this whole thing in motion.

Longboi enters the chat

Sidling up next to one of the most active and prolific Tweeters in the space, J Hole came out swinging to wab.eth, Sappy Seals “foundooor” and “co-foundooor” of The Pixlverse and PixlLabs.

The above tweet is the mashup of Algorand NFT project Crazy Goose Flock and Ethereum NFT project Sappy Seals.

These mashups, and the many… many to follow, would ultimately be known as longbois.

wab.eth’s Twitter profile pic

For reference, this is what a sappy seal is supposed to look like.

Sappy Seals went live on Ethereum in August 2021 and boasts over 12,000 ETH total volume on Opensea. According to their website, Sappy Seals has 4,147 Total Holders with 1,090 NFTs currently staked for their $PIXL token, the in-game token of the Pixlverse.

The Seals — those rocking Sappy Seal profile pics, are generally known in NFTs for their quick-witted banter and cutting humor.

There’s also a bit of evidence suggesting they helped Cardano achieve a mini-bull market a few months back due to their interactions with ADA community members. (I’d cite the sources here, but you all can honestly see the utter tweetstorm a few months back for yourselves)

You can find Sappy Seals on Twitter.

Since the introduction of Longbois on November 22nd, it has been an unrelenting force throughout the Algorand ecosystem.

“What exactly is a longboi?” You ask, despite my previous example and accompanying images.

Animals with elongated necks and Sappy Seals’ faces plastered to them.


And it’s everything we’ve been needing during the bear market blues.

What I’m saying is, #longbois are taking no prisoners on the timelines.

Y33tDavidson, CEO of LongBois

Just ask the CEO of LongBois, Prim aka Y33tDavidson.

In this article, you can learn a little more about some of the projects that got “longboi’d” in the last couple of weeks, and perhaps find a new community or two in the process.

At the very bottom are some links to Algorand ecosystem tools.

Note: Longboi — originally defined as a Crazy Goose Flock nft with a Sappy Seals face; the meaning has since broadened to virtually anything with a long neck. Now you know. And knowing is half the battle.

  1. Crazy Goose Flock by Ventral — The OG Longbois
  2. Goon Squad by Judas — The Longboi Making Machine
  3. Mostly Frens by Stitch
  4. Alex NFTs by Sevanya
  5. Fancyhorse by Jenna (Thurstober)
  6. STUPIDHORSE by Jenna (Thurstober)
  7. Doofy by ItsBuddyman
  8. M.N.G.O by Stitch
  9. Sketchy Bears by Sgt. Hoover
  10. Immortal Jolly by Jolly Mo
  11. Hans by AlgoHands
  12. Totally Average Cats by Derose and Freaky
  13. Modos by Quicksand
  14. Skulifrens
  15. Bork Borks
  16. Big Brain Belugas by Algoluga
  17. SHEP
  18. Lil Freak Club
  19. Dragonfi — (as envisioned by Algzy)
  20. CoffeeBits Longboi Generator by LionsWrinkle
  21. How to Algorand NFTs — For Beginners

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Officially Team #LongBoi @goonsquad you da man!!! — 402 Graphics

The series that started this trend is also headed by an Algorand OG.

Ventral started Crazy Goose Flock in February of 2022, and it quickly vaulted into the top 10 projects on Algorand by $ALGO sales volume where it’s effectively stayed ever since.

(Left) Crazy Goose Flock by Ventral (Right) Crazy Goose Flock longboi’d by Judas

They were one of the first series to use missions — a trait-based rewards system in the Algorand ecosystem. Taking a nod from Solana based-projects like Famous Fox Federation, Crazy Goose Flock has since added raffles, honk — a method of on-chain messaging, and a banner builder.

Crazy Goose Flock has created a Duo mission alongside M.N.G.O

“Longboi Safari” is the first duo quest offered on the CGF mission platform, The Pond—It requires one CGF and one M.N.G.O

Like all CGF missions, it is soft staking — a form of opting in without anything leaving the user’s wallet. The only requirement is the NFTs don’t get listed through the quest duration.

Current Mission on Crazy Goose Flock — “Longboi Safari” (Required: One Crazy Goose Flock + One M.N.G.O)

Since this is a duo mission, Goots and Berds get their respective utility tokens, $CRUMB and $SHRIMP, along with a chance of Shrimp Baguette or Gootling.

Mission Rewards: $CRUMB + $SHRIMP with a slight chance at a Shrimp Baguette or a Gootling

As part of this partnership, there is a second quest on the Mostly Frens website for M.N.G.O holders. NFTs in one quest can be used both quests, allowing holders to participate and earn rewards on both platforms.

You can read about the M.N.G.O/Mostly Frens Dream Quest further in this article.

Crazy Goose Flock holders will get the first chance at Crazy Goose Robots, the companion series to Crazy Goose Flock. Like gigapets and tamagotchis of the 1990s, Crazy Goose Robots will have to be cared for.

Sources say holders may need $CRUMB — the utility token of CGF to keep their robot companions happy.

Since the Longboi craze has taken hold, Judas of Goon Squad has been an absolute derivative making machine. You can see one of his many Longbois above.

Crazy Goose Flock on Twitter

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One of the most important people in this saga. Judas is responsible for churning out piece after relentless piece for days on end; longboi’ing (we’re just creating all sorts of words today, huh?) everything in sight.

Some would say, a true Algorand hero.

He’s the creator behind Goon Squad, which up until recently was solely a Pixel Project.

Longboi’d Goon Squad Gen 3

Judas’ Algorand Portfolio?

  • Goon Squad A collection of 1,000 pixel Goons from the planet Algoranus. These GOONS landed on Earth for the sole purpose of brining unity among the population that’s being overrun by bears.
  • Booglins A Goon Squad Pet Project“A collection of Booglins who are here to stand by their Goon masters.”
  • Pixel $BEAN PFPs & GEN2 — Inspired by the CoffeeBeanDao community
  • Goon Squad Gen 3–2D Line Art Collection
(Left to Right) Booglins; Goon Squad; & Pixel $Bean PFPs

Again, Judas’ contributions should not go unnoticed.

Goonsquad on Twitter

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Mostly Frens is the most recent series from Stitch, one of the first breakout creators on Algorand. With flamingo PFP projects Yieldlings and M.N.G.O in his portfolio, Mostly Frens are the humanized ‘dream’ versions of their feathered counterparts.

Mostly Frens go through (4) stages of sleep represented by additional color layers. They start in greyscale and slowly change their appearance when given $SHRIMP, the utility token of the MNGOverse.

Mostly Frens & partnered NFTs projects can embark on Dream Quests to earn more $SHRIMP and other rewards. I wrote a bit about Dream Quests here.

Mostly Frens has created a Duo mission alongside Crazy Goose Flock

“WTF.”— WAB is the first duo quest offered for Goots on the Mostly Frens platform— It requires one M.N.G.O and one CGF

Like all Mostly Frens missions, it is soft staking — a form of opting in without anything leaving the user’s wallet. The only requirement is the NFTs don’t get listed through the quest duration.

Partner up longbois! Pay wab.eth a visit and combine forces to become the number #1 influencers on Cardano. The best longbois influencers bring home a Tiny Sappy Fren. Average longbois farmers bottom feed SHRIMP. GL! Arf Honk!

Wab, upon hearing Crazy Goose Flock and M.N.G.O were coming to help him be the #1 one influencers of Cardano

Since this is a duo mission, Berds and Goots get their respective utility tokens, $SHRIMP and $CRUMB, along with a smol chance at a Tiny Sappy Fren.

Mostly Frens rewards comes as redeemable NFTs. Participants can hodl, trade, sell on a third party marketplace like Rand Gallery, or redeem them for the utility tokens.

Outside of external marketforces, these have no cash value.

(Left to Right) Common Shramp, Rare Shrimp, Golden Shrimp and Tiny Sappy Fren

As part of this partnership, there is a second quest on the Crazy Goose Flock website. NFTs in one quest can be used both quests, allowing holders to participate and earn rewards on both platforms.

You can read about the Crazy Goose Flock mission in a separate part of this article.

(Left) Mostly Fren by Stitch. (Right) longboi’d by judas.algo

But wait, there’s more!

Mostly Frens will eventually become Best Frens. Holders will soon be able to burn-destroy (3) fully-colorized Mostly Frens in order to make an animated Best Fren combining their favorite traits.

There can only ever be 1,191 Best Frens.

Mostly Frens on Twitter

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“I have absolutely no idea what’s going on in here but Twitter made me do this. #algofam” Sevanya of Alex NFTs

Alex is the second series from Sevanya.

Sandwiched between Algo Spectacular Cats and Project Raven, Alex was a departure from the animal pfps of 2021–2022. Well, atleast until he got longboi’d.

Emo Alex, meet your Sappy Seal counterpart.

Following the 222 non-generative series, creator Sevanya has since created Alex Gen 2: Project R4V3N, a fully mutable — changing trait project.

Project R4V3N

The first fully mutable ARC19 cyberpunk collection on Algorand. Premium series — 999 NFTs with 200 unique traits.” — Project R4V3N description

While the depth of the Project R4V3N project deserves its own article, (yes it’s coming), you can play around with a demo here. Suffice to say, it’s an incredibly novel series that makes use of some of our newer metadata standards on Algorand.

Alex on Twitter
Project R4V3N on Twitter

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Alpha Alert: this was the first public sneak peak of Thurstober’s upcoming series Fancyhorse, her first 2D lineart series. This bucks the trend of her previously pixel pushing powerhouse (powerhorse?) lineup.

Fancyhorse will be joining STUPIDHORSE, STUPIDPONY, tinyhorse, and 2iny in their Discord races. I wrote about those a bit in this Twitter thread.

What will a “un-longboi’d” Fancyhorse look like?

I guess we’ll have to find out.

Fancyhorse on Twitter

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Iamp2 of The Algo Punks issues a STUPIDHORSE challenge to J Hole….

(Left) STUPIDHORSE by Thurstober (Right) STUPIDHORSE longboi’d by J Hole

and he accepts.

STUPIDHORSE is the flagship series from Jenna (Thurstober). Launched in the height of Pixelmania in 2021, it’s since grown into a Discord horse racing game (with purchasable items) and over 401,000 races to date.

Thurstoberverse Includes: STUPIDHORSE, tinyhorse, 2tinyhorse, STUPIDPONY and soon FancyHorse. Each with their own unique utility in-game. I wrote about those a bit in this Twitter thread.


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“Boooooiiiiiii is this #LONGBOI good or what, @itsbuddyman I love it buddy” algorandians

Before getting “longboi’d” came into popular lexicon on Algorand, projects were at the receiving end of getting “doofied” through iconic eye pops and middle fingers.

One of the OG Algorand memesters, ItsBuddyMan, has satirized and made tributes to everything from Spendy Elephants, to derivative projects, eventually killing off the project in August only to bring it back under the name “Dooofy.”

Below, ItsBuddyMan Longboi’d a Doofied Crazy Goose Flock.

(Left) Crazy Goose Flock “Doofied” by ItsBuddyMan (Right) Crazy Goose Flock “Longboi’d” by ItsBuddyMan

As with anything related to ItsBuddyMan, IYKYK.

ItsBuddyMan is another artist that cannot be confined to a short intro. There are layers and layers to it all, and eventually I’ll find a break in the clouds to spell it all out. He’s basically living Algorand NFT history folks.

You can find ItsBuddyMan on Twitter

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“Some chains were made to be taken over — other chains go on the offensive — @wabdoteth rolled the $ADA community but the longbois of $ALGO have officially overwhelmed the seals” mellamobenito, M.N.G.O and MF Doom aficionado and purveyor of “pinched fingers” emojis.

Mostly Not Going Out is second generation of Stitch’s iconic flamingo-based series. It was one of the first large scale projects (2,999 NFTs) to go live on Algorand, and one of the first to make use of trait data.

Stitch was instrumental in pushing our early NFT Aggregator NFTExplorer into existence, and has since rolled out with the highly dynamic Mostly Frens series. I wrote a bit about Mostly Frens and how they tie into Stitch’s other series here.

M.N.G.O on Twitter

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Sketchy Bears arrived on Algorand in March of this year with Gen 2 coming out 5 months later.

I chose to add this one because it works just so well, and is one of the truest to the longboi meme.

Goot (Crazy Goose Flock) body? Check.

Sketchy Bear Face? Check.

Sappy Seals expression? Oh you better believe that’s a check.

Pictured: Sketchy Bears head on a Crazy Goose Flock body with Sappy Seals expression

Sketchy Bears on Twitter

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Winner of the longboi that will forever haunt me in my sleep goes to Krby’s take on the Akita Inu series.

At one point, that thing above was a dog. Instead of like, you know, some sort of cute arctic cerberus.

Krby recently took over the Akita project and also put out a new staking platform ahead of Akita Gen 2: Omnigems. I wrote a bit about that here.

You can find Akita on Twitter

While many projects fit the “longboi” trend to a T — Elongating the neck and adding Sappy Seals traits, the meme is already adapting to mean ANY long-necked NFT. Preferably a mashup of two different projects.

Here are some of my picks:

“Cursed as a mere mortal man Jolly transformed into an immortal skeleton” — Jolly Mo

Immortal longboi

Immortal Jolly on Twitter

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Hans of AlgoHands has been absolutely crushing it with his dynamic trait series FUMs. Making use of ARC19 — fluid metadata standard, Hans has been offering FUMs art upgrades, including animated traits.

He’s also good at remixing other people’s work; including the Crazy Goose Flock below.

…And here’s one of his artworks completely overtaken.

Hans on Twitter

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Totally Average Cats is the brainchild of DeRose and Freaky. Coming together around the height of Solana’s Okay Bears fervor, the two came together to put their own spin on bored looking animals.

Totally Average Cat on a Crazy Goose Flock body

Totally Average Cats on Twitter

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Quicksand is best known for their Gatorbs and Werewulf collections. Recently, they began working with Soodle of The Lundis and State Pooof collections.

Modos are generally cute little lizards. Longboi’d? More like a giant sock puppet.

Tall Modo

Quicksand on Twitter

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Skulifrens has been an active collection in the space for a bit.

I wrote a bit about them over the weekend in my 31 Days of #AlgorandNFTs

Skulifrens on Twitter

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Bork Borks are part of the H&Y (Hurley and Yomo) ecosystem.

Holders gain access to their Astro Explorer arcade-style game.

Quite simply, the more Borks you hold… the more often you can play.

I wrote a bit about Bork Borks here.

Bork Borks on Twitter

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The Lugas joined Algorand in January of this year…

….and they were quickly adopted by The Algorillas. They’ve been a fan favorite ever since.

Algorillas Discord

Big Brain Belugas v2 comes out soon.

Big Brain Belugas on Twitter

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SHEP was one of the first, if not THE first 100% free mint collection on Algorand. With a cross-chain focus, they’ve been one of the key pillars in onboarding new users into the ecosystem.

In fact, you can check out their How to AlgoNFT Graphic at the bottom of this article.

SHEP on Twitter

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Little Freak Club was the first project from Freaky, the founder of Totally Average Cats.

Here’s Randy Cones’ take on a Little Freak Club on a M.N.G.O

Little Freak Club on Twitter

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Algzy is best known for their 3D work, usually incorporating bits of AI.

Here’s a Dragon Longboi:

…and let us never forget this 3D Longboi

3D Longboi by Algzy

…and here’s something from Splendor, a collection that’s “just art. no utility. probably going to 0” — Algzy

Splendor by Algzy

Algzy on Twitter

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While CoffeeBits arrived on Algorand a few months ago, LionsWrinkle has been active for over a year. In his most recent series, CoffeeBits, LionsWrinkle makes use of ARC-19changing traits to keep the series fluid.

Users can trade in caffeine cards — special NFTs that can be exchanged to replace backgrounds and items in a scene.

In the image below, you can see I used a Crazy Goose Flock caffeine card to change the appearance of the mug.

LionsWrinkle moved especially fast on the Longboi trend, creating a Long Boi generator.

While these images are not NFTs in of themselves, it’s a quick way to create static images without using photoshop.

There’s also an option for animation.


LionsWrinkle is also behind p2p — peer to peer platform Atomixswap.

CoffeeBits on Twitter
Atomixswap on Twitter.

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It can’t be overstated how much energy and fun this trend has infused into the ecosystem over the last couple weeks. There are things that made me spit coffee, and many things I don’t think I’ll ever to be able to unsee.

And it is beautiful.

Special thanks to wab.eth, J Hole, the relentless memes at the hand of Judas, Prim, and many many others. There are so many others to give credit to, and I am absolutely sure I really could fill several articles with all the projects have taken part or will be taking part.

Rumors are swirling about an “official” longboi series, but to date, nothing has been stating.

Official project or not, the fact remains.

#longboi is definitely a thing.

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Algorand has welcomed a bunch of first timers in the last week.

Here’s a recent graphic put together by Gary, the creator of MoonDudes and SHEP.

Disclaimer: Use of any links, products, or projects is at the user’s own risk. We are not responsible for any damages for any action or inaction as a result of the information presented in this article.

Information in the Graphic — With additional info/context

Mobile: Pera Wallet
Browser: MyAlgo

$ALGO is found on many major crypto trading platforms.

Note: Some dexes and nft marketplaces have begun to incorporate Moonpay and Transak

Rand Gallery is the #1 marketplace… use it to buy, sell, view, mint, and send Algo NFTs.” — Before receiving an NFT, users have to opt-into the ASA (Algorand Standard Asset ID). This is automatic when buying through a marketplace.

Note: Rand Gallery is wildly known for being a creator-first marketplace. They have transparent fees and support creator royalties. One of the biggest drivers of the ecosystem to date. Other creator-friendly marketplaces include Shufl and up-and-comer Exa Market (creator-set fees). I recently wrote about Exa here.

Asalytic and are the two best Algo NFT analytic tools. Use them to find out more about your favorite projects.

These are not necessarily for beginners, but always good to note.

  • Algorand has a collateralized NFT lending platform called Alandia;
  • Current bridges include pNetwork, Algomint, Glitter and Wormhole. State Proofs are also live.
  • Algorand supports atomic swapsNFTs can be traded natively on chain. Atomixswap is one of the most popular places for p2p trades.
  • Be on the lookout for Rentalis — NFT Rentals; and Fungibl — NFT liquidity market.

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