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Ginseng King NFT in KLAYTN Chain. ‘krafterspace’ officially ends minting… | by binkalogi

‘krafterspace’ officially ends minting service on the klaytn chain. But that doesn’t mean that the NFTs that have been requested in ‘krafterspace’ will disappear. This is the specialty of NFT technology. So the 100 Klaytn ginseng that I have minted can still be traded at the market that serves the Klaytn network.

So this ginseng king NFT collection is unlikely to increase in the near future. At a price of 25 KLAY / WKLAY per pcs. I’ve installed the ginseng king NFT as part of an RPG game I’m building.

You can see other ginseng king NFT at

this is one of the pictures where ginseng king NFT acts as an NPC in the Pantiesia game that I made.

Now I’m focusing on completing MAP 1 which is quite large. Where is Ginseng King’s position in the 4th area. You can see the progress on the Twitter account that I made for Ginseng King NFT Namely @ginsengklaytn

I use the hashtags #pantiesia #nftfarm and #klaytn for ginseng king NFT as a unique hashtag. please help and support. By buying this collection, you are helping and also investing in the web3 world.

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