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Free Artist / Creator Verification | by Bulletproof Productions | Dec, 2022

Find out the benefits of getting Verified on Bulletproof Productions

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What is Artist / Creator Verification?

For example, a singer has shares their content on SoundCloud and YouTube, a DJ has an Instagram account he posts his live gigs and has a live session album out, a beat maker sells and leases out his beats on BeatStars and advertises his latest beats on YouTube. All of the creators mentioned above are eligible for Bulletproof Productions Artist / Creator Verification.


What are the benefits of getting verified?

Bulletproof Productions Verified Artists badge

The badge is linked to the Verified Artist / Creators wallet address which also helps prevent and enforce copyright and intellectual property infringements.

ii) Verified Artist / Creators are able to receive and deliver custom orders. Access to Bulletproof Productions Custom NFT Ordering System is only granted to Verified Artist / Creators in order to give users confidence in the quality of NFT delivered as delivering a sub par NFT will effect the Artist / Creators reputation.

iii) Bulletproof Productions Messaging system allows Verified Artist / Creators to receive and reply to user / fan messages.

Bulletproof Productions Message Center

iv) Verified Artist / Creators get access to powerful Creator Preferences which allows them to set an Audio Tag to be automatically mixed on their Audio NFTs, custom order preferences, messaging preferences that are exclusively only available to Verified Artist / Creators.

v) One of the most powerful features only available to Verified Artist / Creators is the ability to create NFTs with Locked Content. This allows the creator to show a preview of their NFT publicly with their audio tag mixed and offer a “clean” / “un-tagged” version as Locked Content only to the owner. The Artist / Creator can choose to use the Locked Content feature to lock access to any audio file they want to offer.

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