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How to make a large NFT collection from scratch | by Le Devs | Dec, 2022

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I will keep this article short and sweet for my busy readers out there. We can break down the whole process of making NFTS into ____ simple steps.

Note: If you intend to createa large collection of NFT’S (say 1,000 +) dont worry you dont need to draw 1,000 nfts by hand. In this article I will explain how we can generate thousands of NFT’S while only drawing a few individual assets.

Note: Most succesful NFT collections are developed with a well defined utility, but who knows maybe people will just like the art. Good luck!

Select a theme/topic for the nfts

Usually the theme of the collection’s art is inspired by it’s utility, but this is not always the case. When it comes to picking a theme the sky is the limit, approach this process as you would approach any other artistic endeavor.

Design the base

Once you have selected a theme for your collection, you want to design a base template. The template will be a rough sketch of what your nft will look like. For example, the nft below is composed of 9 assets. Each asset is it’s own layer. NFT’s are made up of multiple layers stacked on top of each other. Once you decide all the layers/assets that will make up the NFT you can start creating different variations of each asset. In the example below we have the following assets/layers.

  1. Background
  2. Body type
  3. Clothes
  4. mouth
  5. mouth item
  6. eyes
  7. headphones
  8. hat
  9. watch

Keep in mind that at this step you are not making all the assets, you are simply designing the base to plan ahead for what assets need to be made.

Create all individual assets

Once you have decided on a base framework to build on we can move on to the fun part. There are two approaches to making the assets but they both have some obstacles. No worries though there are solutions to each one.

  1. Draw them yourself
  2. Pay someone to do it.

For the first option there are a lot of videos on youtube that explain how to use different drawing apps to do this. However, once you draw all your assets how will generate 5k–10k + unique combinations of your assets to make the collection? The solution to this problem will be presented in the next step.

For the second option I recommend hiring someone on fiver to do the drawings for you. Heres the problem with this option. It can get pretty expensive when you ask them to draw and generate all the combinations of NFTS (some of them offer the whole package deal). The solution to this problem will also be presented in the next step.

Pick a Block-Chain

Pick a block-chain of your choice. Keep in mind that each block chain has a different metadata schema standard. Be sure to research this before hand so you know what type of metadata you will need to generate when the asset combinations are being made. Hopefully you have a technical person on your team to help with the metadata editing that will be needed when uploading to the block-chain.

Use software to generate the collections

Regardless of the approach you choose to create the assets you will need a tool to help you create the combinations.

Here is your answer!

This tool makes it really easy to generate all your combinations and metadata. The tool also has a lot of additional important features.

  1. Adjust layer arrangement
  2. Add weighted probabilities to each asset
  3. Create combination constraints (one asset should not go with another)

Highly recommend this tool to anyone looking to take their NFT collection to the next level.

Create meta data

If you didnt take the approach from above, there aren’t many options to generate meta-data. The meta-data is typically generated with the nfts.

Upload nfts to Block-Chain of choice

Each block-chain has a different process to upload the nfts. I recommend to research and understand the requirements for uploading nfts to your block-chain of choice.

If you dont have a technical person to assit with this process there are tools out there that can simplify this for you as well.

For example:

Now you should be all set

Good luck!

Feel free to reach out to for questions.

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