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Introduction to Financial NFTs. An introduction to NFTs, FNFTs and the… | by Ruvy G | Dec, 2022

An introduction to NFTs, FNFTs and the top 3 FNFT projects on Fantom as listed on the newly upgraded PaintSwap platform.

One of the main benefits of NFTs is that they allow for the creation of unique digital items that can’t be replicated or counterfeited. This is especially important in the digital world, where it’s easy to copy and distribute content without permission.

One advantage of financial NFTs is that they can make it easier to buy, sell, and trade financial assets in a digital format. They can also offer increased transparency and security compared to traditional financial instruments, as they are stored on a blockchain and can be easily verified and tracked.

Financial NFTs can also make it easier to access and invest in financial assets, particularly for individuals who may not have the means to purchase traditional financial instruments. For example, financial NFTs could allow individuals to invest in stocks or real estate with smaller amounts of money, by allowing them to purchase fractional ownership in these assets through NFTs.

There are a number of potential applications for financial NFTs, including making it easier for retail investors to access financial markets, simplifying the process of trading financial assets, and increasing liquidity in financial markets. However, it is important to note that financial NFTs are a relatively new and rapidly evolving area, and there are still many regulatory and technical challenges to be addressed.

Pirate Life


While FNFTs may be freely transferred between wallets and smart contracts, the value underlying them remains locked in the Revest Smart Vault until the lock is released and the FNFT redeemed. So while the actual FNFT itself may be traded, the transfer will not and cannot directly effect the market value of the assets underlying the FNFT.

These fNFTs come with 3 custom locks:

1. Time. Time locks are the mechanisms that we are most familiar with. The user can choose a specified date to unlock the fNFT or, in future, a specific time can also be specified.

2. Value. These locks only unlock when the value of one of the assets (primary asset) relative to another asset (usually USD or ETH) either rises or falls below a user defined price, chosen at the time of minting.

3. Address. Address locks are by far the most powerful and composable locks offered by the Revest Protocol. Fundamentally speaking, an address lock is a lock that uses an Ethereum address (eg: 0x99E004714669CF776B31e9b4448994D4cCEb4fC0) as the trigger for unlocking the Smart Vault to which it is attached.

The benefits of this system from the Revest docs include:

· Completely customizable locks: Locks can be triggered by any set of inputs, on- or off-chain, provided the data is brought on-chain through the use of oracles

· Separation of locking mechanism and value storage: separation of value storage and locking mechanics reduce the security impact of lock-failure and reduce worst case from theft of locked value to early-access of locked value by authorized parties (only FNFT holders)

· Community sourcing of locks: Locks can be shared simply by pasting in the address to one that is already deployed

· Reusability of locking mechanics: No more reinventing the wheel between DAOs

· Seamless user experience: Lock metadata files allow for end-users to interact with custom locks in native Revest UI, avoiding confusion of clunky direct blockchain interaction

Andre Cronje’s veNFT

1. Boost gauge yields

2. Vote on token emissions

3. Receive bribes

The benefits of these NFTs are as follows:

1. NFTs turns the illiquid locked staked positions into liquid positions, even though they cannot use the underlying vested SOLID. These veNFTs can be sold on secondaries like PaintSwap or, possibly, deposited in a future lending protocol as collateral.

2. A user’s locked position can be broken into multiple veNFTs, giving them the option to sell part of their position.

A deeper dive into this topic can be found at this link.

The Fantom network offers a promising platform for the creation and trade of financial NFTs, offering fast and secure transactions for businesses and individuals looking to buy, sell, and trade unique digital financial assets.

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