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Vagobond Magazine — Volume 2, Issue 1 — on four platforms!!!! | by CD Damitio | PageDAO Magazine

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Jan 3

Happy New Year Vagobond Family!

Vagobond Volume 2 begins today. I couldn’t be more excited about this issue.

Happy A.I. Year!

In this latest issue (the first of 2023), we are looking at GPT-3, offer Horoscopes for Degens, explore Gentrifying the Metaverse, and how A.I. might just ruin your morning cup of coffee. Regular contributors Rionna Morgan and Jon Sims are joined by Olivia Rodriguez with Nikola Petrovic’s amazing art — and horoscopes by Mybal the Mystic Mutant Ape.

Available for the first time as a Kindle Book on Amazon.

Available on READL as an NFT and all proceeds being split between contributors.

As always — free to read or buy on and a free to read NFT version for sale through ReadMe Books.

If you’d like to win a free NFT copy of this issue — find the story that was written by A.I. and be the first to let me know in the Vagobond Magazine Discord Server.

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