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J33T Me — The First NFT Designed To Be Sold | by Derick J33ter | Jan, 2023

NFTs are designed to be held. Projects will try to incentivize their communities to be long-term holders with utilities such as random airdrops, staking, and play-to-earn games. Yet despite their best efforts, the vast majority of NFT holders are traders at heart.

Flipping NFTs for potential profit serves as the primary incentive for those who mint new projects. The vast majority of sales volume flows from traders. Further, the vast majority of the excitement in NFTs stem from minting a new project and watching as the sales pour in. Successful traders have a sometimes uncanny ability to time their purchases and sales within a project to maximize their profits.

This phenomenon known colloquially as “J33ting” your NFT refers to quickly flipping your NFT. J33T Me is the first collection designed to be sold i.e. j33ted. So what is the value proposition here?

Well we don’t want to spill the beans quite yet, but we’ll give you a hint. Imagine an NFT that gets more sought after based on the number of previous times it has been sold. Imagine an NFT that changes based on how high the previous sale was for. Imagine an NFT designed with traders in mind.

At J33T Me our goal is to embrace the j33ters among us, to embrace the nature of NFT trading in 2023. J33T Me NFTs are not investment contracts, you should not expect to earn a profit from our efforts, nor do we offer any promises or guarantees that these NFTs will increase in value. J33T Me are merely collectibles, like a pack of baseball or Magic cards.

So what about the collection? Within the next week we will release a 2023 item NFT collection minting for .003 ETH per with a limit of 5 NFTs each per transaction. We chose this low price point to encourage our minters to sell their NFTs and start the ball rolling.

To learn about the project and to follow along to ensure you are the first to learn when our project goes live follow us on Twitter

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