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Invest in alternative assets with Hedgeup

HedgeUp is the first crypto firm that provides investors an incridible opportunity to invest in alternative asset and diversify their portfolio.

What is HedgeUp

Hedgeup is a decentralized network that provides crypto users with to access alternative investment options like luxury watches, art, wine, gold, and aviation. the USP of this platform is its ‘investment baskets’ which is a mixture of alternative asset and can act as a hedge against market volatility. These products can diversify your portfolio which can help increase your return. As the international market for alternative investment products is expanding, crypto users can be a part of the global financial ecosystem.

The platform has launched a native token called $HDUP for its various transactional purposes. $HDUP can be used for all kinds of transactional purposes on the network. $HDUP can be used for staking, distribution of rewards and accessing voting rights. it has a supply capped at 999,000,000 units. these tokens are available in presale for those who are interested in buying them. 35% of the total supply has set aside for its presale transactions. 17% of the token supply has been reserved for exchange listing.

The HedgeUp has an NFT series that gives buyers the option of buying only a fraction of the NFT rather than buying the entire NFT. HedgeUp offers rewards for $HDUP token holders who staked their token in the treasury during staking events. These staked tokens not only increased its liquidity but also create a stronger market and better trading opportunities for users.

Cryptocurrency Analysts feel that HedgeUp has a high growth potential as its offers its users multiple opportunities to earn passive income from its NFT series, Staking Reward and trading alternative investment products. some crypto experts has claimed that it even has the potential to earn 100X returns over time.

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