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A simple STEPN set-up guide if you’re new(ish) to Web 3.0 | by Matilda Colman | Jan, 2023

Q: So, what is STEPN?

A: STEPN is a (mostly) invite-only app for your phone that empowers you to lead a healthier lifestyle whilst reaping rewards for your progress. To start this journey, you must hold a digital STEPN sneaker; you can choose a sneaker that most fits your needs. Whether you are a walker, jogger, runner or enjoy mixing things up — there is a sneaker for everyone. Whatever you choose, you’ll be able to earn money to use in or out of the app.

Q: What does ‘invite-only’ mean?

A: You’ll need an invite / activation code before you start moving and earning.

Q: The best way to get an invite?

A: Discord is your best bet. Ask for an invite from the “-getinvite” channel in the STEPN discord.

If you’re very new to the land of Web 3.0 or / and gaming, you may not have spent much time on discord. Essentially, discord is the main hotspot for Web 3.0 goers to connect with each other and stay updated on their favourite projects and people in the space. It’s simple enough to get started on discord. However, it can be overwhelming and you’re going to want to stay extra vigilant to avoid scammers. Here is a great medium article on how to stay safe on Discord:

Q: How can I enter the app?


1. Download the STEPN app from your Appstore or Google Playstore.
2. Sign up for STEPN with your email; you will receive a verification code that you’ll need to plug in to fully access the app.
3. Once your account is created, it is advised that you set up Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to secure your account from scammers.

Q: How can I snag some digital kicks?

1. Head over to the wallet area by clicking the icons in the top right corner of the app.
2. There will be two tabs (‘Spending’ and ‘Wallet’). ‘Spending’ alludes to your in-app STEPN spending wallet and ‘Wallet’ refers to your out-of-app wallet.
3. If you don’t have a Solana Wallet — you’ll need to create one before you buy your kicks. If you do have a wallet, you can simply import it using your Seed Phrase. However, it is advisable that you create a new one regardless.
4. When you click ‘Create a new wallet’ in the app, you will be prompted to create a passcode to secure your wallet. Once that is set up, you will be given a seed phrase — note this down on a piece of paper and keep it very safe.
5. Once set up and secured, you will find yourself in the ‘Wallet’ area. Your first move is to click on ‘Receive’; a pop-up will appear with a QR code for your wallet, or you can simply copy your address for the next step.
6. Step over to your cryptocurrency exchange of choice and purchase some Solana (SOL) to send to the address you’ve copied.
7. Return to your STEPN account to see if the funds have arrived in your wallet. If the transaction was successful, repeat this transaction until your wallet has enough SOL to buy your sneakers.
8. If you have an IOS device, the STEPN marketplace can be found by stepping over to the URL: If you have an android, you can access the marketplace within the app.
9. Once the marketplace loads, you’ll be able to see all the available sneakers. Buying the sneaker will be straightforward from here.

Q. How to start your move and earn journey?

A: You can start moving AND earning when you have purchased your first sneaker and once you have enough energy (25% energy restoration). You can think of ‘energy’ like this: to go for a jog or run — you need to have enough ‘energy’; energy in the form of sleep, food, and in my case — coffee. A minimum of 25 % energy is required before you can earn any Green Satoshi Tokens (GST). GST is STEPN’s game token. To start your first STEPN adventure, you must select your sneaker and press ‘start’ (1 energy = 5 minutes of moving & earning; GST is paid out every minute of movement). You’ll know if your game has started because your app status will be updated to ‘walking’ etc.

Q. Can the app detect when I’m not moving?

A: It sure can — this is called ‘moonwalking’ and the app has systems in place to detect when you aren’t moving. Cheating the system may lose you some GST and energy, but the greatest cost is that you are cheating yourself. You are your greatest asset, okay?!

Note: You may also lose out on earning GST if you’ve got a weak GPS / bad internet signal.

That sums up how to get started with your STEPN account. This lifestyle app has many more layers that I am yet to cover, inclusive of sneaker attributes, sneaker quality, mystery box rewards, health points, gems, and more. However, to avoid overwhelming you with too much information right now — I wanted to step right down to the basics first.

I hope you are having a lovely start to the new year. January is the perfect time to step up for yourself.

Note: This is the official STEPN whitepaper, which explains all the layers of this game, in all its depth and glory:

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