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NFT Thank you week -FREE NFTs from limited collection. | by FlipFlopsCoin | Jan, 2023

Buy NFTs on Binance from these limited collections and get rewarded with each buys , Claim another NFT for absolutely FREE. Every NFT you buy from the below mentioned collection , you receive another NFT for FREE.

Fill this form after collecting atleast 1 NFT from the mentioned collections :

✨ Whitelisted collections :-

Meta Ape Yacht Club

Yacht Ape Football Club

Bull Ape Yacht Club

Cyber Kong Yacht Club

🚨Rules : Buy any NFTs from the above mentioned collections and fill this form to receive another NFT for FREE. Dont forget to fill the form to confirm your participation :

🚨Rewards will be distributed on 1:1 Basis, 1 NFT for each buy.

🚨Reward Distribution : within 24 hour of filling form with correct details.

🔴User must buy atleast one NFT to be qualified for the reward.

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