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Top NFT Artists Sunday Jan 8, 2023 Highlights on Kolect | by RiRi_LotusQueen NFT Artist

Top NFT Artists Sunday Jan 8, 2023 Highlights (artists clockwise from left) @r0bp, @Crisstianaaf, @jamesatruett, @trofiart, @KimAya_Art, @vesnita_bonita

On Sunday’s we shine the spotlight on independent NFT artists as we search for the top NFT artists on Twitter. You may recognize Crisstiana 💎 from last weeks top spot, and she joined us again as the most popular NFT artist on the Kolect Artists Super Thread. There are several other artists who have returned to us, and quite a few making their debut on our highlight list.

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Crisstiana is a fabulous NFT artist using a combination of AI, Haute Couture & of course her signature GAS MASKS. Revolution is an Open Edition on Nifty Gateway and at the time of publication has 3 hours left to mint. So far 8 editions have been minted of this incredible piece, and more will be available for a very limited time.

Revolution OE by Crissiana on Nifty Gateway

Not to worry if you missed this one, Crissiana has a huge selection available across marketplaces like OpenSea, SuperRare, objkt, Foundation, Nifty Gateway, SolSea, and KnownOrigin.

We are thrilled to present award winning contemporary and NFT artist ebabur made her debut on the Kolect Super Thread, and there is no doubt why when you look at this lovely animation. The still photo does NOT do it justice. She has sold out two collections on Foundation, and her main mission in life is spreading ❤️❤️love & happiness. She is a citizen of the world, and you will notice nature as repeating theme in her works.

She uses a many different mediums in her work, including acrylic, gouache, ink, markers and water colors for graphics, and for digital arts she uses illustrations, photo collages, live animated arts, to sculptures and ceramics. This accomplished artist has added NFTs to a huge toolset for reaching her audience and spreading joy to all.

Magic Bean by ebabur

Last week we had an entry on the thread that came in the last hours, and still made it to the top 20. This is always a sign of great art. James A. Truett is a lifelong artist. The Irish photographer is well known for authoring Mystical Moods of Ireland series of photo essays. He was a journalist for the Associated Press, survived a bullet that his camera took for him, and he uses photography to fight his addiction to news. He goes to war on his Instagram, Facebook, and of course Twitter!

Impressionist Ireland

These stunning photos are in the Impressionist Ireland collection on Foundation. James captures Ireland’s natural beauty, rugged coastlines, and showcases the vibrant colors that happen in nature when one slows down to point and shoot.

Impressionist Ireland Collection by James A. Truett on Foundation

Here is another top NFT artist, p0ng who posted late last time but made it in the top 20, and this time in the top 5. p0ng is passionate about merging physical art with cutting edge technology. He uses blown glass, photography and AI.

You can find p0ng’s work on Tezos, Objkt, Foundation, KnownOrigin, and OpenSea.

2022 art sampling by p0ng #Futurecraft

Join #Futurecraft

p0ng takes his commitment to artists and NFT art very seriously. He has started a group on Twitter called #Futurecraft that is dedicated to help traditional artists explore what is possible with the latest NFT technology, AI techniques and more.

If you are a traditional artist or physical artist p0ng invites you to join #Futruecraft to explore the possibilities of Web3. NFTs are a nascent technology and the possibilities being unlocked are only limited by your imagination. And for artists, that is quite a lot.

This is why we encourage you to join us on Twitter live! Suport Limted Edition posted on Sunday is already SOLD OUT. TrofiArt has a massive collection of incredible works. She is a painter, and her passion for art and the divine feminine comes through in each of her stunning collections in different ways.

This pair of acrobats share a closeness that is hard to rival. The kind of trust aerial artists have to have in their partner is second to none, and the title Support speaks volumes about this piece.

If you are touched by this piece, have a look at all her galleries.

Support by TrohiArt — SOLD OUT

Kimaya has severeal sold out collections on OpenSea. This accomplished NFT artist has a distinctive style that is evolving over time. You can watch her evolution when you browse through her sold out collections. The only collection with any NFTs remaining for sale is Ladies of the Deck, and it’s the most recent collection by Kimaya.

You can always check the secondary markets for some of Kimaya’s previous collections, you may get lucky and find a listing.

Ladies of the Deck by Kimaya

Vesnita has a haunting style that penetrates right into your soul, and just when you think you can’t breathe, she goes deeper by adding a story to her art that draws you in ever further. An Apparition not of this World is part of her showcased work on Foundation.

An Apparition Not of This World by VΞSNITA.eth

Dariya has been a regular on the Sunday showcases and this corporate illustrator gone NFT has since then secured a spot at NFT.NYC, and just released her latest collection, Chaos of Sweets on Foundation. This neon collection of women take their fun seriously.

Chaos of Sweets by Dariya NFT.NYC

Step into a virtual world of next level graffiti done with AI. This long time NFT collector caught the artist bug in November 2022, and has struck a chord with his amazing collections Street Artificial on Foundation & Street Artezos on Objkt.

Street Artificial & Street Artezos by Ferretizer

Dreams Art has a massive collection on OpenSea showcasing his art. This talented artist uses abstracts to evoke emotions and communicate where his voice fails him. This Indonesian father and NFT artist is mute, and he uses art as a form of expression.

Abstract Art by Dreasm Arts NFT

This passionate artist also includes his sons in his art, as he himself has been drawing since he was 4 years old. He has quite an eclectic collection of differing styles, and is definitely worth a look.

This magical NFT GIF, Infinite Realities is limited to only 10 editions on Known Origin. The still photo doesn’t do it justice, and please do yourself a favor and turn up the graphics settings on your device before diving into the whimsical magical world that Bobby has created.

Infinite Realities by bcrandall805.eth (Bobby) LE 10/10

First Meeting by Alexandra_Tun

Accomplished children’s book illustrator and aspiring writer Alexandra Tun has turned to NFTs as another way to express herself. Games of Imagination is Alexandra’s newest collection of NFTs and captures the wonder of and solitude that can go hand in hand with being a child, especially one in the spotlight.

This artist is one to watch. She is just getting started and has some amazing aspirations, and we are lucky to be covering it live.

Games of the Imagination by Alexandra_Tun

Orchid by Victoria.Sien

As soon as we saw this piece we knew we would be writing about it today. Orchid by Victoria.Sien is her latest drop available on Foundation. You can see her art on OpenSea evolving from some fun loving snails, to women who are stepping into their power. Orchid is fully in it, as she stares at you with her piercing blue eyes.

Another top NFT artist to keep an eye on, Victoria Sien.

Orchid by Victoria Sein

Katarina draws what brings her pleasure. She has been drawing for 18 years, and for someone in their mid 20s that is quite a long time. Her fun collection The History of Cats depicts felines from around the globe dressed up in their native attire. Whether you know anyting about cat breeds or not, this defintely takes this collection to the next level.

If you are a cat lover or a traveler, or just someone who appreciates a talented artist you have got to check out Katerina Markina.

Take a breath before delving into the galleries of Polina PMart_ist. Her art pulls no punches, it’s in your face, it’s gritty, and it has something to f_cking say. The coolest dark bitch you know, has even cooler art. She will break your heart if you have one, and if not, it may because she harvested it from you and installed it in herself for another round at this circus we call life.

Selene’s Story Settings collection by Polina PMart_ist

This piece is so powerful it activated my imposter syndrome for loving it as much as I do. I have felt what I am seeing, and it’s evident by the amount of engagement this exquisite work of art received, that many of you have also felt this way at least once. I am honored to be able to include LIFE IS OVER in our top 20, as it’s one of the most gut wrenchingly powerful pieces i have seen on NFT Twitter. A true show stopper.

Life is Over by helena.ART

We would like to welcome Infinite_life/Art to the NFT Sunday Super Thread before he has even started minting. James, at the top of this article tagged so many other artists in this thread that they actually started a thread within a thread, and from the looks of it have successfully roped in some web2 photographers in their transition. Keep an eye out for WinterSolstice 2023 collection, coming soon to a minting platform near you.

Winter Solstice 2023 Not Minted Yet by Infinite_life/Art

Collector’s Tip: We will dig for more info, follow @Natesart95 on twitter to keep up with this artist before he hits NFTs full force, you could be first.

Nigel is a professional International Photographer based in SW England. He works with National Geographic, and has a portfolio highlighting 30 years of photography from around the world. Seeing the world through his lens is like looking at another planet. Just look at the colors, and the contrast in the images below, and that is just a small sampling. NFTs are lucky to have Nigel Hicks on Foundation.

Images on Foundation by Nigel Hicks NFT Photographer

The top right pictured below is in Live Auction status at the time this was published there was 30 minutes remaining on the timer for Rebirth on Foundation. BoredJosei uses two color ways to depict the light and dar of life, love, fantasy, hope, and power. She is a talented NFT artist who we are excited to see more from.


Thita_Style Thai NFT Artist

Thita_style has appeared in the top 20 NFT artists before, and as long as she keeps posting we expect to see her again. The Girls of Wonderland series are gritty, bright, sad, chaotic, and completely down the rabbit hole. Rabbit Girl is on Foundation and was just minted 4 days ago.

If you are an artist and would like to be featured in our next highlight article please join us on Sunday at 2:00 pm UTC for the next Artist Super Thread.

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